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Why is IVF considered different to any other medical procedure?

So IVF (In Vitro Fertilisation) was in the news again last week, as the Italian designer Domenico Dolce went on the record saying that he believed IVF babies to be "synthetic". It was part of a larger attack on same-sex parents, and some of his other words have created more uproar, but that IVF comment seems to have brought some of the old … [Read More...]

Smiling in the sunshine with shades

A Photo A Day – Week 12/2015 Roundup

As I write this post I am in the middle of a long weekend of solo parenting. The geekdaddy is over in Holland with some of his mates for the biennial Marillion weekend at CenterParcs Port Zelande. Thankfully now the kids are older I find it much easier to cope with the two of them on my own, and we're having quite a fun time. That said, I will be … [Read More...]

new Nintendo 3ds in box

Review: The new Nintendo 3DS

As a Nintendo blogger family we have been working with Nintendo over the last year or so to try out their latest hardware and software releases. Recently the new Nintendo 3DS was launched, and we were sent one of these consoles ahead of the release date for an early preview and test. Although the geekdaddy and I had been tempted to buy the original … [Read More...]

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