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Thursday 20 November 2014: Beautiful Autumn Morning

A Photo A Day – Week 47 Roundup

I'm back into amateur drama mode this week, as Pantomime rehearsals kicked off on Monday night, and will be keeping me busy three nights a week from now until the end of January, with only a short break for Christmas. It's likely to mean a little less time blogging, a little less time with the family, but a whole lot more fun on stage with a really … [Read More...]

Saturday 15 November 2014: Baking Party

A Photo A Day – Week 46 Roundup

It's been quite a varied week this week as we've yet again managed to keep ourselves really busy. I had a bit of a shock at the hairdresser's yesterday - after the kids had been trimmed I counted forward in my calendar 6 weeks to work out when their next trim was due, and it was the Saturday after Christmas! Now I usually don't like talking about … [Read More...]

Guinness World Records 60th birthday party - the cake GWR60

Celebrating 60 Years of the Guinness World Records Book #GWR60

We were invited to a birthday party in Half Term. A very special birthday party. A 60th birthday party. The sixtieth birthday party of the Guinness World Records Book. I couldn't say "yes" fast enough when the invitation arrived, I can tell you! I have very fond memories of the Guinness Book of World Records from my childhood. It was a … [Read More...]

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