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The GoPro Hero 3+ in the palm of my hand

Is the GoPro Hero 3+ a Good Family Video Camera? #review

At the start of the summer I was rather delighted to hear that I had been selected, via the Tots100 blogging index, to work with GoPro to test out their Hero 3+ video camera. I've been lusting after this camera (and its predecessors) for a number of years now, so I was very excited to be finally able to get my hands on one! I've already shared the … [Read More...]

Fire Blastin' Dusty - the boy loves him

Review: Disney Planes 2 Fire Blastin’ Dusty by Mattel

For as long as I can remember the geekson's favourite movies have been Cars and Cars 2 from Disney/Pixar. More recently we've introduced him to the world of Planes, and he has fallen in love with Dusty Crophopper, the hero of the film. This summer we took him to see Planes: Fire & Rescue in the cinema, and it immediately became his new … [Read More...]

Friday 17 October 2014: School Photos

A Photo A Day – Week 42 Roundup

This week felt a lot calmer than the last few weeks. More time at home and less time racing around like a loon makes me much happier. We've still done some fun things, but I've also managed to make progress with some of the things I want to do around the house. Now that both kids are at school I have two days per week when I'm not working and … [Read More...]

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