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The Lost Carnival entrance

The Lost Carnival – Review and 8 Tips for Visitors

We were invited by Wild Rumpus, the team behind the Just So festival, to experience their new offering, The Lost Carnival. Billed as a large scale, outdoor, immersive theatre event, taking place in Burrs Country Park, Bury over this Bank Holiday weekend, details of what to expect were pretty scarce. As part of the build-up to the event a series of … [Read More...]

Picking daisies

A Photo A Day – Week 20/2015 Roundup

This was my second week off work recovering from my gallbladder operation. I'm almost entirely back to normal now - my wounds are pretty much healed completely and I'm able to move around normally again. I'm still a bit bruised on my right side and can't comfortably lie on that side yet. I'm also not back in my jeans yet as I prefer the comfort of … [Read More...]

The kids and me, the night before my operation

The Story of my Gallstones

Back in September last year I started getting some back pain. It was the week after the MAD Blog Awards ceremony, and my first thought was that I'd overdone it with … [Read More...]

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