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Review: Asus Zenfone 5 LTE #ZentasticXmas

It's always fun getting your hands on a new piece of technology to test, so when the team at Tots100 announced they were looking for a number of bloggers to test out a new smartphone I put my name forward, and was delighted to be told I'd been selected. As the geekdaddy has been starting to make noises about wanting a new phone recently I secretly … [Read More...]

Saturday 6 December 2014: Colouring by Numbers

A Photo A Day – Weeks 49 and 50 Roundup

It was a rough week for me last week - I was quite ill, which was not brilliantly timed as I have a lot of work on plus all the extra things to do for Christmas which just didn't get done. So I think I'll be playing catchup massively this week! I'm posting two weeks worth of photos today as I missed writing my week 49 roundup last weekend (again, … [Read More...]

Posting their letters to Father Christmas

Dear Santa. This year the kids would like…

Recently a list of the predicted top 12 selling toys for Christmas this year was released, and I must confess to having read the list feeling slightly bemused. I hadn't heard of ANY of the toys listed. Well, apart from the LEGO. And why? Well, pretty much because my kids don't watch adverts on TV. Ever. Admittedly this is more of a … [Read More...]

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