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What I Listened to in June

What I listened to in June

I love my journey to and from work. Three days per week I get to spend about an hour and a half in the car, driving to South Manchester at the start of the day, and driving home again at the end of the day. My commute is the best "me" time I get all week. Forty-five minutes each way, completely alone (well apart from all the other cars and the … [Read More...]

My family all together on Fathers Day 2015

My week in Pictures and Audio: 21st – 27th June 2015

It's week 26 of my photo a day project for 2015, which means I am now half way through. It's also week 4 of my #AudioMo challenge for this year, which means the end is not far off. I am blending these two challenges together for the month of June, so each day I post at least one photo on my Instagram account, and then record a short audio blog on … [Read More...]

Amazon App Store current promotion

Why Install the Amazon App Store on an Android Tablet?

I am currently working with the Amazon App Store to bring you news and reviews of apps available on that platform. But did you know that the Amazon App Store isn't just for Amazon tablets? No, it's available on a variety of Android tablets as well. Android tablets are very popular with families - they're generally cost effective, and most of them … [Read More...]

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