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Kids eating cake for lunch

My Week in Pictures: 23rd – 29th August 2015

It has been an amazingly busy time this week, and I'm only just managing to catch up with myself. I have had a huge amount of work to do, which meant I had to work on both my non-working days this week, and consequently managed to get a lot less done around the house and here on the blog than I usually would. The kids spent three days back at Mad … [Read More...]

Tray of cookies that have expanded to look like a game of Blockbusters

My Week in Pictures: 16th – 22nd August 2015

Another hectic week this week, where I've felt a little bit like a zombie - wake up, make packed lunches for everyone, go to work, work hard all day, come home, eat dinner quickly, then head out for rehearsal. I know I don't get any sympathy, as it's all self-inflicted, and I am enjoying being involved with this production, but it always gets a bit … [Read More...]

LeapFrog Epic tablet

LeapFrog Epic – new Android-based tablet for kids

I was very interested in the press release that arrived from LeapFrog in my inbox yesterday. It announced the imminent arrival of a new kids tablet, the LeapFrog Epic. This piqued my interest because, whilst LeapFrog have a great track record with producing kids tablets, this, they proudly announced, is the first time they have produced a tablet … [Read More...]

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