Second Child Syndrome: Spotting the Milestones

I don’t know if it’s because I know what I’m looking for this time around, or because things are more obvious with the geekson than they were with the geekdaughter. Perhaps my state of mind is better, who knows. Whatever it is, I am loving watching the geekson grow and learn. I wanted to share a couple of videos of things he’s done recently where I can see him learning or developing.

First of all, a video of him playing with one of his Christmas presents. I remembered from the geekdaughter’s 7 month development check that one of the things the Health Visitor checks for is the ability to pass an object from hand to hand. He was almost 8 months when I shot this video, and it’s a little grainy as I was getting him ready for bed, so it was dark and the only light was the electric light in the room.I spotted him passing the toy from hand to hand, and thought I’d catch it on video so I could prove to the Health Visitor he could do it, just in case he didn’t perform on the day:

In reality, when it came to the day, he “performed” beautifully, and his development check confirmed that he is developing perfectly normally.

The next video was only shot last week, and it was the first day I gave him one of the geekdaughter’s old hammering toys. I don’t remember when the geekdaughter got the hang of hammering, but I think she was older. She also didn’t have as much patience as the geekson has, and wasn’t very keen on just sitting and playing with toys in the way that he did. I was impressed that he got the hang of what he was supposed to do with the hammer so quickly. I also particularly like the geekdaughter’s helpful advice during this video!

As for his latest development, well he’s clearly now working on “pulling up”. He likes to be kneeling up these days, and is starting to try to get one foot underneath him as well. In fact earlier today I found him kneeling at the bottom of the stairs with his hands on the bottom step. Life is getting more and more interesting by the day!

Baby kneeling up in cot

That mobile is not going to last long...


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    Baby Al has just mastered crawling after getting the chance to try on a carpet. Our wood flooring doesn’t help at all. I dunno if he can hammer things, but he certainly likes to bash toys against table tops!

    Perhaps boys like hitting things with one another more then girls. Also I love that mobile!

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