Apple confirms iPad 2 coming this month

white ipad 2 in handYesterday Apple confirmed that they will indeed, as speculated, be launching the new iPad 2 later this month. It’s faster, thinner and lighter, and also has two cameras like the iPhone4 – one front-facing and one rear-facing. The geekdaddy is very excited that it’ll be coming in two colours – black and white – he’s still mourning the loss of his white iPhone4 that never materialised.

Of all the new features announced, the one I’m actually the most excited about is that finally in iOS 4.3 we will be able to use our iPhone4 as a portable WiFi hotspot for our iPad. I really hope O2 enable that feature here in the UK.

Sadly, none of the features on my wish list were announced… Or were they…?

I wanted some way of having parental controls on the iPad so that kids didn’t get access to my apps. It’s not the most cost-effective way of achieving this, but we’re planning to keep one of our current iPads as a dedicated kids iPad. This has worked well with iPhones in the past, and will hopefully mean that the geekdaddy and I won’t get beset with requests to play on what the geekdaughter rather cutely refers to as “your big iPad” when we’re trying to play work on them ourselves! So in a way we’ve achieved parental control!

ipad 2 smart cover smartcover

The new iPad 2 smart cover

And what about the dribble-proof screen? Well, again, Apple still has a way to go with that one, but I like the look of the new smart covers. They attach to magnets placed inside the iPad 2, so will be a very close fit, and I think they look very smart indeed. But best of all they have a microfibre lining, so they will clean the screen (to a certain extent) every time you close the case!

The iPad 2 is not a huge upgrade over the original iPad in terms of functionality, and it’s only really worth buying if you’re keen on the new cameras. Or unless you just like having new toys (like me!).

The iPad 2 launches in the USA on March 11th, and in the UK on March 25th, and I will be sending the geekdaddy out to queue outside the Apple store for ours (he loves doing that!).


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    Yeah, I’d iike to see better parental controls too. Some people scoffed when I bought my toddler her own iPod Touch, but I couldn’t have her calling and texting people, deleting my apps, etc. every time I looked away for a few seconds, and there really are some great kids’ apps out there! It was worth every penny for us, but it sure would be a LOT nicer to not have to buy a separate device.

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    Ohhh I can’t wait! My iPad has pretty much been taken over by the kids, so I’m going to give it to them and get this new one with my birthday money! Perfect timing or what!! :)

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