No child born to die – #passiton

My family - by Catherine aged 3.5

There’s a big Save the Children campaign running at the moment, entitled “No Child Born to Die”. It’s all about making sure every child gets the chance to live their life, which is a cause I can really get behind. At the moment the focus is on vaccinations. Save the Children want to highlight the fact […]

The MAD Awards – I’m a finalist!!

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Yesterday started off pretty badly. The geekdaughter managed to squirt the air freshener from the bathroom into her face, in particular her left eye. Cue a long battle trying to get the eye washed out with water – she hates getting her face wet. Thankfully I managed to get the eye well washed out, and […]

Preparing for the end of maternity leave – updating my CV

Smiling professional working with desktop at her desk over white background.

This month has been all about getting ready to go back to work, as my maternity leave ends on May 31st, one day after the geekson’s first birthday. I am lucky in having a family-friendly employer that allows me to take that long, and also in having enough savings to be able to afford it. […]