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There’s a big Save the Children campaign running at the moment, entitled “No Child Born to Die”. It’s all about making sure every child gets the chance to live their life, which is a cause I can really get behind. At the moment the focus is on vaccinations. Save the Children want to highlight the fact that today one in five children worldwide receives no vaccines at all. On June 13th there’s a big Vaccine and Immunisation Conference in London, attended by world leaders, and we have a chance to persuade them to save 4 million lives in 4 hours by fully funding vaccinations for the world’s poorest children.

To raise awareness the amazing Chris from Thinly Spread is soon to head out to to Mozambique with Save the Children to find out more about vaccinations and to raise awareness of the massive £4.7 billion that’s needed to provide these vital services to developing countries. She’ll be reporting on her findings, and I’m going to be glued to her blog to read about her experiences.

Ahead of her trip, there’s a new meme in the blogosphere, aiming to raise awareness of the trip and the Save the Children petition that accompanies it. Sleep Is For The Week and Red Ted Art have challenged us to help spread the word about the campaign, sign the petition, and (of course) do a bit of crafting at the same time. I’ve been tagged by Sally over at Who’s the Mummy, so here is our entry.

The challenge is to get your child to draw a self portrait, either of how they are now or as how they see themselves in the future. I wasn’t sure how much success I’d have on this front, because the geekdaughter is in a “sticking things together” phased at the moment, and not so keen on drawing. I’d suggested the idea a couple of days ago and she wasn’t in the mood at all, so when I suggested it again today I wasn’t expecting much…

… but she blew me away!

My family - by the geekdaughter aged three and a half

To my knowledge that’s the first time she’s ever drawn legs and feet on people. She’s drawn the whole family, and even colour coded us – she and I are in red, and the geekson and geekdaddy are in yellow. From left to right you see her, the geekson, me and then the geekdaddy. His face is all coloured in to show his beard. I love the nice big smile she’s drawn on my face – after the shouting matches we have sometimes it makes me really happy to see that she still pictures me smiling :) The yellow circles are clouds.

I’m not tagging anyone in particular with this meme, as I have no idea who’s been tagged already and who hasn’t. If you’d like to take part, consider yourself tagged. Here’s what you need to do:

1) Get your child to either draw or craft a self portrait of themselves now or in the future, perhaps imagining what they will look like or what they might do.

2) Sign the Save the Children petition and share news of it with your friends.

3) Write a blog post about it as soon as possible, featuring your children’s pictures and perhaps how you made them together, and including info about Save the Children and the petition. We want as many people linked up AND signed up the petition by Sunday 29th May 2011

5) Tag 8 blogging friends to do the same – #passiton!

6) Come back and link up your posts, either here or over at Red Ted Art, so we can all see each other’s posts and if you have time, go and leave some comment love on each others posts! It’s a blog-hop link-up so you can even publish the list of entries on your blog too.

This is not a sponsored post.


  1. says

    Oh my, I am not surprised you were blown away. If my 3.5yrs old drew that I would be beyond chuffed to bits!!! WOW! Beautiful and well done! :-)

    Thank you so much for supporting this crafty meme – Save The Children are so pleased with the support and response they are getting!



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