What is a #BlogCamp anyway?

Tots100 BlogCampIf you follow me on Twitter you’ll have noticed me mention this thing called #BlogCamp a bit over the last few weeks. And it’s possible that you’re wondering what it is. Well, BlogCamp Manchester took place last Friday, and I attended, so read on to find out more about the event.

It seems a common complaint amongst the blogging community that nearly all the blogging events are held in London. So when the team behind the Tots100 Index announced that they were intending to run a series of blogging workshops around the country, there was an immediate buzz. Personally, and continuing my Carpe Diem attitude I resolved to have this year, I got myself signed up to the mailing list for further information as soon as it was available.

The first BlogCamp event was held in London, and I watched Twitter eagerly on the day it was held, hoping to pick up a few tips. It all sounded very interesting and I was sad not to be able to attend. But then it was announced that the second BlogCamp event would be held in Manchester – yippee! Local for me. I signed up as soon as I could.

delegates at #BlogCamp Manchester

Bloggers queue for lunch at #BlogCamp Manchester

So on Friday 17 June 2011, approximately 50 bloggers gathered at the Cornerhouse in Manchester for #BlogCamp Manchester. We listened to Jen from A Little Bird Told Me talking about finding your own blogging style. Then Muireann from Bangs and a Bun spoke about building a blog into a brand. We had an interesting, fact-filled talk from Simon from talktalk all about keeping your kids safe online, and then a jolly nice chap called Dafydd Prichard gave us some great blogging design tips, including a live critique of several blogs belonging to attendees. And to wrap it all up, Phil Szomszor gave the PR’s perspective on working with bloggers. And all around this, there was time for coffee, lunch, and chatting with the speakers and other bloggers. The company was excellent, the content was relevant and, more importantly, useful, and I feel like I learnt lots. And the best part of all – the event was completely free to attend.

I expect there’ll be a few changes coming to geekmummy.com as I implement some of the things I’ve learnt. Watch this space!

I thoroughly enjoyed #BlogCamp Manchester – if I had any complaints it would be that the layout of the room was not very conducive to “networking”  – it was hard to move around the rows of chairs to talk to other bloggers. Oh yes, and despite what it says on the logo there was no cake! Yes everyone – the cake apparently really is a lie!

There are #BlogCamps coming to Birmingham and Bristol soon, with second ones in London and Manchester later in the year, and speculation of other locations yet to be announced. If the content sounds interesting I recommend you head over to the BlogCamp website and register for more information.


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    That looks really fun (and I am naturally drawn to any event that features cake on the poster). I’ll keep an eye out for the next one, thanks for the heads up :)

  2. says

    Good to meet you and I love your branding, so don’t change your blog too much!

    Sorry about the cake thing. Not to rub your nose in it, we had waay too much in London, but it was a mini breakdown in cake communication between us.

    Agree with you a bit on the room. The space was nice, but it was a bit small for our needs (there was a very low dropout rate) – maybe next time we’ll get some Manchester peeps to help us source one?

    See you again some time.


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