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There often seems to be a strong message coming from the press that Mums are naturally better parents than Dads. So the team at BritMums asked us, and some of their other video bloggers, to talk about this and share our opinions. This is definitely a subject that the geekdaddy has some strong opinions about, so I invited him for a little chat… Just him, me and the camera rolling…

Do Mums make better parents? Not better, but different certainly. We talk about that, plus our Daddy Day Care arrangements and a little bit about Dad’s rights.


If the video above does not display, you can watch it on the web here.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. I have received a payment to produce this video. All content and opinions expressed within are those of the geekdaddy and me.


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    Hey there, great video! Really enjoyed hearing from both of you and impressed by Geekdaddy’s very even-handed and astute take on balanced parenting. I was going to do this when it was still a featured topic, and include Babe Daddy although I fear he wouldn’t be quite as cool and fair on the issue, lol! Might still give it a whirl at some point, it’s such an interesting debate!

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