Happy birthday, my little girl

catherine_5480Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday dear geekdaughter
Happy birthday to you!

It’s my little girl’s birthday. She’s four years old today. Four years ago she was dragged into the world (literally, but that’s a story for another day!). I don’t know who was more shocked – her or me!

I make no secret of the fact I found those first few months of motherhood difficult, but we all learned to live together as a family, and I distinctly remember my first “this is quite fun” feelings, which were when she was about 6 months old. From there on things have just got better and better. She’s my beautiful, spirited, independent, sensitive little girl. She wears her heart on her sleeve, and certainly lets you know if she’s not happy about anything. She’s become eloquent, and although she doesn’t always have the best of attention spans she seems to be getting on well learning her numbers and letters at pre-school. I love spending time with her, especially those great “Mummy, daughter” times when its just the two of us. I love that she still loves cuddles and kisses, and I love sitting with her in the evening reading bedtime stories together.

I hope we can make today special for her. It feels like a bit of a wash-out this year. I’ve been finding that work has been taking a lot out of me recently, leaving me very little capacity for planning or organisation of home. Hence the party invitations haven’t gone out yet for her party at the weekend, and her main present has not been purchased yet. I’m also worried that I will have to leave for work without seeing her open her presents, and that makes me very sad indeed. But the geekdaddy is on the case, determined to make it all special for her, so I hope it will all be fine.

Happy birthday my gorgeous girl. Four years old today. Although you’ve been telling everyone you’re 4 since you moved up to the top room at pre-school in August! Now you’ve finally caught up with yourself :)


  1. Christine says

    Happy birthday Catherine – a big grown up four year old oh how the years fly by. Hope you all have a lovely day. I recall listening to your just relax podcasts when Catherine was a twinkle in your eye. Now I too have a little one who was one last week only got the cake made yesterday mind you but he’s too little to know!!

    • geekmummy says

      Awww thanks for your comment Christine, and congratulations on your little man! You can get away with a lot at his age, I’m sure he won’t hold the lack of cake against you!

  2. says

    Awww, happy belated birthday to your little girl (it’s mine today!). She sounds so adorable Ruth. Hope you are okay and managed to get everything sorted in the end for her birthday x

    • geekmummy says

      Hope you had a great birthday too Heather! :) Yes, we just about got everything sorted, but I have a rant coming about birthday parties!


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