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As you may or may not know, I’m a bit of an app addict. I enjoy finding and testing new apps, and of course I enjoy sharing them with you too. I recently found out, from the lovely Sian over at Mummy-tips, about a new app which promises to simplify shopping, . Anything that simplifies shopping is good in my book, and as this one is a free app, I downloaded it and gave it a try. Shortly after this the developer of the app contacted me to ask if I was interested in hosting an AMAZING giveaway to help raise awareness of the app, and so I present to you my first ever giveaway…

Simply Tap is the new, instant mobile checkout that allows you to buy in seconds when you see something you like in magazines, out and about, on-line and in store. Download the app for your smartphone, register your details once, tap in the unique Simply Tap code to buy and your delivery will be on its way. You’ll find tap codes in magazines, on posters or on the websites of Simply Tap retailers like Carphone Warehouse, Thorntons, Pretty Green, Best Buy.

Essentially, you see what you want, simply enter the Tap Code into the app, and you’ve paid in an instant.  You can find out more information here:

The app itself feels like it’s in its infancy – I have yet to see any “tap codes” anywhere yet in my everyday life (although to be fair I haven’t looked very hard) – but if this catches on I can see it being brilliant. And very dangerous to my bank balance! All that I’ve seen of the app so far are the selection of special offers and cashback deals available, and I haven’t yet felt the urge to buy anything through it. That’s the reason I’m not highlighting it as an “app of the week” – I haven’t used it fully yet! Mind you, I must admit their current “£10 cash back when you buy a Kindle” offer is extremely tempting… The geekdaddy has been hedging for a Kindle for ages, and that would sort out his Christmas present…

However, two of my lucky readers are going to be able to go one better than that! Because Simply Tap would like to offer all the UK-resident readers of geekmummy the chance to win a brand new Amazon Kindle. I’ve got TWO to give away, and to be entered into the draw to win one all you have to do is tell me: If you could have anything in an instant, what would it be? Entries must be submitted using the widget below, and there are some optional additional entries you can do as well:


The competition entry widget above may not display correctly in some RSS readers and mobile phone browsers. If you can’t see it then please access it directly on the Internet by clicking here.

You can download the Simply Tap app by searching in your App Store for “Simply Tap” or by clicking here on your phone:


  1. Catreia says

    Hmm. Chocolate cake! No, seriously probably WiFi connection without loads of hassle, Simply Tap sounds ideal for that!

  2. Emily McMillan says

    I would like to have an instant new hair do every morning… how amazing would that be?! I think my hair has been the same for about 20 years now or so my friends tell me!! Thank you, Emily xx

  3. says

    I would like my new camera in an instant – simply because I’m sat at work waiting for it to be delivered (my husband is waiting by the front door at home with STRICT instructions not to move)

  4. Dawn Brown says

    Right now if I could have anything in an instant it would be to be transported home and into bed for about 18 hours undisturbed sleep lol

  5. ali thorpe says

    In an instant, I would love the body that I intend to have in about 6 months, after my exercise regime has been running for about 9 months. To have it instantaneously without the exercise would be fantastic!

  6. says

    I’m having a problem with the Tweet via the app – a blank page appears so off to do it manually (but I am having internet connection problems today)

  7. Lyndsey Brett says

    Anything in an instant?
    Right now I’d love all my Christmas shopping to be done and dusted. Wrapped up neatly with pretty bows and ribbons!
    Unfortunately, I haven’t even started yet!

  8. says

    What I’d really love instantly is a teleporter, so I could also travel around the world instantaneously instead of sitting in planes, trains and automobiles!

    But if we’re talking about things one can actually buy, I’d say shoes that fit that I like. I hate shoe shopping!

  9. says

    If I could have anything in an instant it would be starbucks coffee, just click of the fingers and there it is, unfortunately it would lead to me being a bit hyper.


  10. Nicola Watson says

    I would like the perfect party dress that has so far eluded me, it would also make me look 2 sizes smaller.

  11. Angie says

    Tell me if you could have anything “in an instant” what would it be?

    hmmmmm The first copy of ‘Midnight Sun’ by Stephanie Meyer. That’s the full version not the ‘preview’ available on her website, oh, and a Kindle to read it on of course!!!

  12. Sara Millward says

    I bought my Mum a Kindle for her birthday and despite being a bit of a Technophobe she loves it. I have the Kindle app for my Android phone but I’m told that a Kindle is much better so I would love to win.

  13. says

    That does sound good but definitely worrying for the bank balance! I was just saying on Sunday how I wished a cooked Sunday Roast could just be delivered to me in one click – that would be a big bonus in our house :-)

  14. says

    Hmmm anything in an instant! That is a toughie! I think right now it would be to be transported to a hot country to be lay on a sun lounger with a cocktail in hand watching the kids splash in the pool ;o)

    Oh it’s so nice to dream lol

    @mummy_loves xx

  15. says

    I’d love my book to hit No1 in parenting and stay there for over a month (it’s hit No2 so far and wanders up and down1).
    Can I have another one? I’d like hubby to get a job before Christmas so that we don’t have to worry.

  16. says

    Oh I am new to your blog, app of the week ok I am checking this after. This does sound like a fab app (off to download) ok back, what would I have – a night of full sleep/or other way to put it a night with out the terrible 2 lol.
    What a great giveaway, I had really wanted a kindle for my B/Day (today) but money went on Xmas present for the kiddo’s. xx

  17. Elisa says

    If I could have anything in an instant it would be to turn invisible – you could do all sorts of nice things and get yourself out of all sorts of sticky situations.

    Oh, and this SimplyTap app is SimplyFab! I’ve already bought Just Dance 3, Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Pt 2 and the new Amy Winehouse CD. Absolute bargains. A Kindle would be fab, nice and portable for when I hop on the 3-hour train ride to visit my sister. Great blog by the way!

  18. Nicola Hinchliffe says

    Wow what an amazing competition.

    I would love to have my uni assignments done in a instance that way I would get more time to spend with my little family

  19. Dejeniera says

    I’d love to be able to travel home to my family in the States in an instant without getting on a plane for 8 hours!

  20. Erin Weatherstone says

    If I could have anything in an instant it would be a new wardrobe full of clothes, after just having my first little one I find all my money Goes on him these days! His wardrobe is bursting at the seems! Lol


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