Where do sausages come from?

mr_lean (520x800)

One of the presents the geekdaughter received for Christmas was a set of “Happy Families” playing cards. Now, playing Happy Families with a child who can not yet read is a bit of a challenge, and today I spent a reasonable amount of time showing her the cards, explaining how the families were structured, and […]

I buy boys clothes for my daughter

gruffalo_costume (438x1024)

This wasn’t how I was going to write this blog post. I was going to talk about the latest John Lewis Christmas advert, and how if you watch carefully there’s a shot of the small child running around in a really cute Gruffalo costime. About how when I was doing my Christmas shopping in John […]

The one where I become the gleekmummy

The gleekdaughter

As I mentioned last week, I’m an XBox LIVE Ambassador, and over the next few weeks I’m going to be testing out all the new features that have arrived with the latest update to the XBox operating system. This week it’s TV week, and so the geekdaddy and I settled down tonight to dig around […]