Where do sausages come from?

One of the presents the geekdaughter received for Christmas was a set of “Happy Families” playing cards. Now, playing Happy Families with a child who can not yet read is a bit of a challenge, and today I spent a reasonable amount of time showing her the cards, explaining how the families were structured, and showing her how she could work out which family each character belonged to by looking at what they were doing in their picture in an attempt to make it easier for her to play.

We had early success when I found Mr Dough the Baker, who is pictured making a loaf of bread. “Where do you buy bread?” I asked her.” At the Baker’s” she replied. Great, so I could explain that the Dough family were all bakers, and we could find the other three family members by looking through the deck for other characters undertaking bread-related activity. So far so good.

Next up was Mr Chip the Carpenter. The geekdaughter genuinely had not heard of a Carpenter before, which was fine – we’ve never come into contact with one. I explained all about woodwork and carpentry, and that was OK too. We rounded up the rest of the Chip family and put them aside with the Doughs.

Next up was Mr Lean the Butcher, who is pictured making sausages.

“Who makes sausages?” I asked her

“A baker?” she replied

“No,  Not a baker. Try again” I suggested

“Err… A fish and chip shop?”

Words failed me. Technically she’s right, of course, but I do feel a certain amount of shame that she associates a fish and chip shop more with sausages than even a supermarket!


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    Here’s one for you. My school use to make fresh chips so at milk break we’d come down and tend to see the chef making lunch and this included seeing her peel and cut potatoes. I then went home to my mom and with excitement said “Guess what, mom! Chips are made of potatoes!”.

    This is all because we always had frozen oven chips.

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