How to add a “Pin It” button to your iPhone or iPad

Have you played with Pinterest at all yet? It’s a graphical bookmarking site. You bookmark images by “pinning” them, and you can organise those images into “boards”. And of course it has a social element, so you can see whatever your friends have “pinned” as well. All great fun. I quite enjoy it, but I’ve not been using it as much as I could do because most of my web browsing is done via my iPad or iPhone, and there is no easy way to “pin” items from those devices. Or so I thought…

A little bit of Googling today, and I found an entry on the Pinterest blog (which seems to now have been deleted) which details how to create your own “Pin it” button in Safari on the iPad or iPhone. It’s written in a not very detailed kind of way, so having got it working for myself today I thought I would create a more “step by step” guide to help others wanting to do the same thing.

First of all, before you start following the steps below, you need to do one thing. On your iPhone or iPad highlight the code snippet below and choose the “Copy” option. Make sure you highlight accurately – you need all the text, but no extra bits!


OK, now you’re ready. Follow these step by step instructions:


In the “Settings” app of your device, go into the Safari section, and ensure that “Javascript” is set to “on” (near the bottom of the page)
In Safari on your iPhone or iPad, head over to and ensure you are looking at the full version of the site, not the mobile version.You can tell if you are on the mobile version because the address showing in the address bar of your browser will be as shown here.To revert to the full version of the site, press the little arrow next to your picture in the top right corner of the site, and choose the “full site” option.
In Safari on your iPhone or iPad, press the “Add bookmark” button. You can do this on any page, it doesn’t matter at all.
In the “Add bookmark” dialogue that opens change the text to read something meaningful (like “Pin It”) rather than the name of the page you’ve bookmarked, and then press the “save” button.
Now go into your bookmarks menu (by pressing the little “open book” icon), and press the “Edit” button at the top of the list that opens
Find your “Pin it” bookmark in the list, and click on it to edit it (note click on the text that says “Pin It”, not the little red “delete” icon or the three lines on the right hand side!)
Delete all the text that’s in the “address” section, and then past in the code that you copied previously.Then press the “Bookmarks” button to return to the bookmarks list, and then “Done” at the top of the list to save your changes.

And that’s it. Now as you browse the web from your iPhone or iPad if you come across something you want to pin you just need to go into your bookmarks menu and choose your “Pin It” bookmark.

To make life even easier on your iPad you can add the “Pin It” bookmark to your bookmark bar, and then it’s visible on your browser at all times, removing the need to open a menu to “pin” something. Note that if you haven’t done so already you’ll probably want to go into the “Settings” app on your iPad and select “Always show bookmarks bar” in the Safari settings. (Note this option is not available on the iPhone).



  1. geekmummy says

    When you select a single word you should see little blue circles appear at the start and end of the word. Drag these to expand the region selected.

  2. Carry says

    Thank you for the information. Unfortunately I am still having problems. When I paste the java script it changes it. I even tried inputting it directly by hand and it still altered the java script. Do you have any suggestions?

  3. Mt says

    For some reason I do not have the extra ‘address’ field when I edit my bookmark. Any guess as to why?

  4. Priscilla says

    You’re like the best everrrrrrr!!! Only info on the web that was clear easy and actually worked for iPad, not just safari!!

    • geekmummy says

      Easier yes, but only works if (a) you are a Mac user and (b) you sync your bookmarks over iCloud. This way works for everyone (and despite what the author of that article says, there are a lot of non-Mac users around still!)

      • Mike jo says

        Geekmummy, I believe that was just a hint of humor from the author but this can be done without a mac as well by downloading the iCloud control panel for windows and installing Safari for windows. Chances are, if you own an iPad you have an iCloud account… This way Mac and PC users can benefit

        • geekmummy says

          I see your point, but speaking as a PC user I personally found it easier to do this all directly on the iPad than to mess around installing a new web browser on my PC and then setting it up. It’s always nice to know the options though :)

  5. Sunna says

    I’m having problems editing my bookmarks.. They don’t appear in the bookmarks menu. Do you know why that is?

  6. says

    Excellent post thank you, step by step instructions were super helpful and easy to follow :-) I didn’t know how to get a bookmark onto the bookmark bar, so perhaps you could add that into your post (had to google it separately). Other than that – love your work!

  7. Carolyn says

    Hello. Thank ou so much for your step instructions. Ive had pinterest for 6 months now and could only use via camera. After trying different instructions you were my last try and it worked! Thank you so much. C x

  8. Allison says

    Thank you for the info. It worked for me! One question, how do I put the pin it button on the bookmark bar?

  9. Kava says

    I had no problem creating the bookmark, but when I try to pin something, it opens up the Pinterest app, and then gives an error.

  10. Laura says

    Thank you!! I just did this successfully. I am no longer a loser who can only repin, thanks to you!

  11. Rishona says

    Thank you very much for posting this helpful information. I’ve been trying to figure out how to save the bookmark for the last week and it was very frustrating. With your blog advice, I had the pin it up and running in minutes. Thanks again. Rishona

  12. says

    Like everyone else above, great tip, so simple to follow, a big thank you. When copying the code on iphone4 though, it may not allow you to select the code when holding the phone in portrait. Turn the phone to landscape and then you can select the whole of the code!

  13. Amrita says

    I don’t usually leave comments on any post, but yours was just so helpful – and clearly described – that I had to say thank you :)

  14. Priyanka says

    Thanks so much for this…I spent a lot of time just trying to drag the pin it icon on the bookmark bar of safari :p and it never happened.. Can we drag things on an iPad???

  15. says

    thank you very much! this tip saved me from throwing my ipad out the window and my boyfriend from getting premature grey hair from me bitching about this new gadget i have recently purchased and have so many troubles with!!!!

  16. Denise says

    Help! I don’t understand what code we are supposed to copy and paste into address bar when it’s time to edit. Thanks!

    • geekmummy says

      Hi Denise. The code is the text in the grey box up near the top of this article. It starts with “javascript”.

  17. Robin says

    Thank you! After staring at countless other “instructions” your version got me there. Appreciate your time

  18. Rosie says

    You’re good. Tried using other instructions and they didn’t make sense to this layman. I am now pinning on my iPad. Keep up the good work

  19. Jessica says

    Problem: I don’t think I can highlight the entire code on my iPhone. I used the blue dot things to drag it but it didn’t work, then I turned my iPhone sideways & it worked better, but I think some of the code is cut off from the page. :(

    • geekmummy says

      You need to use your iPods Copy/Paste functionality. Use your finger to press the screen somewhere in the text – hold it to the screen until you see little grab handles appear. then drag the handles to the start and end of the text block so that the whole area is covered in blue. You’ll get a “copy” option appear on the screen – press that, and then you have copied the text.

  20. Denaige says

    I can only get it to open back up to pinterest like the lady a few entries before?? So frustrating!

    • geekmummy says

      Have you got the Pinterest app installed on your iPad? My experience with that was when I pressed my “pin in” button it would switch to the Pinterest app, but if I went back to Safari I could continue pinning from there. Make sure you’re logged in to Pinterest through Safari before you start.

      To be honest after a short time I removed the Pinterest app from my iPad because it was frustrating me when it kept switching whenever I pinned anything, and because I think Pinterest is perfectly useable through Safari on the iPad

  21. Jimmie says

    Thank you! I am thrilled to be able to pin from my iPad. And you also helped me understand what bookmark bar is. Feel silly now, but glad you mentioned it.

  22. Cammy says

    Hello! I can’t do it. My problem is that I don’t have the “Edit” button on my Bookmarks. What can I do?

  23. Sarah says

    Thank you sooooooo much! I’ve been trying to do this forever! And none of the ways they said to do it worked at all! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! :)

  24. Nur Azera says

    Thanks for the tips..Really helps…was about to give up on Pinning on ipad then stumbled across your let’s start pinning shall we…THanks again :)

  25. Heidifer says

    I read directions from 2 other sites, but yours was the only one I could make sense of. Success! Thank you!

  26. Matthew says

    Thank you for the amazing article – I managed to get it working first time on my iPad, but I wondered if you were aware of a way of installing the button for Chrome for iPad – I tried a bit but don’t think that it will work through the bookmarks, as it doesn’t pop up as a menu over the page you’re browsing, but instead leads you to a completely different page where the bookmarks are displayed. If you know of any way to Do this that would be great :)

  27. Sheleena says

    Woohoo! Fantastic!! Worked perfectly and I have already pinned some things to verify it’s functionality. Plus, I learned some great tips for the finer techy points of my new iPad! You totally rock MummyGeek! Thank you!

  28. Mon says

    Thank you for this help. I want to add a similar bookmark in Safari for MyRegistry but can’t locate the javascript. Does anyone know if there’s a way to find it?

  29. says

    Thanks that is brilliant. Took a few times but got there…perhaps helpful if you explain about saving the pasted code into the pin it tab in a bit more detail as first time did not understand how to save it in there. Really appreciate your post and will pin it to my pinterest :)

  30. Jaclyn says

    This is great! Was having a nightmare with a third party app trying to pin stuff. Only problem I am finding is that it only seems to work when I’m connected to wireless. The pinning page does nothing if I’m connected via to net via 3G. Any thoughts? Or am I going completely bonkers?!

  31. Tiffany says

    I have tried and tried to get the pin it on my ipad and only your post worked!!!!! i am soooo grateful and tried to go to that voting site, but I am not a techy mom and cannot find a thumbs up or voting button. Help ? :-)

    • says

      Awww, thanks for trying. Voting closed a couple of days ago, which is why you couldn’t find the thumbs up button any more. I just hadn’t got around to removing the button from this post yet.

  32. Lesli Joe says

    Awesome! Great instructions – it worked the first time. Thank you so much! I have been wanting to do this forever!

  33. Lee says

    I followed the directions and was able to create “pin it” button but not pinning. I clicked it bright up pics to use for pin so I thought it was working but once I select pic, it just goes to another screens the website I’m on and never pins anything. Any idea why?? Thanks. Ps. I am logged in on safari and on my app

    • says

      If you’ve already checked that you’re logged in to Pinterest, my next thought would be that maybe the code didn’t copy and paste properly. Be really careful when you copy the code that you’ve highlighted it all, without including any space at the beginning or end.

      • Lee Ann says

        I decided to copy and paste into my NOTE PAD to see what pasted. Looks like there is extra space when I highlighted text. Did it each time I tried. So I backspaces and recopied. Well it worked perfect on my iPhone. Hope I can get it to work on my mil iPad. Now if iPhone could let us see the actual bookmark bar in safari on iPhone. Instead of hitting bookmark “book”. Thanks for help!!

  34. Kitkat says

    OMG, you are brilliant! I have been desperately wanting a pin it button on my iPhone for ages. Thank you soooo much for taking the time to put this on the web for me to find.

  35. Rachel says

    Wow! Thank you! I have wanted this function for a while. I appreciate the step by step instructions. Thanks again!

  36. Adi says

    Thank you so much! I was beginning to think it couldn’t be done. The YouTube video I watched showed an ‘add bookmarklet’ button in the account settings on the actual Pinterest app, which wasn’t on my app at all.

  37. Melany Lowen says

    I followed the instructions exactly as posted and its working great! I was intimidated by all the steps, but everything was there and worked as promised. Thank you so much!

  38. kara says

    It worked…but, when I pin something, it will not allow me to use the dropdown menu to change the board. Any suggestions? Thanks!

  39. says

    Hi, I have done everything as you said and it appears to be working but at the last minute a message comes up that says “Safari cannot open the page because it is a local file”. It happens on all of the pages I try to pin. Not sure what I did wrong..

    • says

      At first guess it sounds like you didn’t quite copy all the text in the text box. I would say try again and make sure you get all the text but no space at the start or end. Let me know if that works.

      • says

        Hello again. I had copied all of the text but had left the http: in front of it. I corrected this however when I try to pin something now, it brings up a pic to choose from, a text box to choose the folder to pin it and the discription text box but it won’t actually let me choose a folder or write a description. Not sure if I explained that correctly. sorry.

  40. says

    thank you so much! i just switched to a mac and couldn’t figure out how to add the pin it button to my browser. this worked perfectly!

    • says

      Most problems are either as a result of not copying the code above correctly (you really need to make sure you have all the code highlighted with no blank space either at the beginning or the end), or due to not being logged in to Pinterest before trying to pin something. Try again, being really careful with the code, and see if it works.

  41. Facebook application development says

    Thanks a ton for sharing the stuff guys… I was having issues with bookmarks too!

  42. Amber G. says

    Thank you so much for doing this!!! So helpful and “to the point” :) just what I needed and “Pin it” is now working flawlessly on my iPhone! Thanks again! -amber

  43. Jeannine says

    I’m feeling not too smart here, as I’ve tried to copy the code snippet above, but can’t seem to get it to copy?? Do you know what I’m doing wrong?


  44. Leah says

    I am trying to do this on my iPhone and am having no luck. I’m pretty techni-savvy and in stumped. Please help? When I am on a website I want to pin, I go into my bookmarks and hit my “pin it” and absolutely nothing happens.

    • says

      Usually the cause of this is that you aren’t logged in to your Pinterest account. In Safari on your iPhone go to, and log in. Then go to the page you want to pin and see if it will work.

      Also check other pages – some web sites have pinning disabled.

  45. Ashton P says

    Thank you so much for sharing this. It was easy to fallow along even for me I am new to the whole apple family! Thanks again

  46. Diane says

    I followed instructions similar to these a while back and have been pinning happily away until it just stopped working. Now whenever I try to log in from my iPhone, I get a forbidden 403 message. Any way to install a pin it button through chrome?

  47. Linda says

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for this great tip on pinning. You have made my life so much easier and saved me countless hours!!!!!

  48. Karen says

    Your instructions were 1000% clearer than Pinterest. I even in encouraged them to visit your site to see how their instructions should be written. Thank you.

  49. Mary says

    Okay I am feeling the mom brain right now… When I make the initial bookmark, what website am I supposed to be making it of?? I keep trying this but it is not clicking so to speak.

  50. Jo says

    Trying to create pinit button for pinterest on iPad. Not working…do not get option to paste address….any ideas

  51. Bev pound says

    Was just about to give up on Pinterest when I found your web site

    So easy when you know how !

    So easy to understand
    Thanks so much

    • says

      It does work with the new iOS 7, but some of the menus and options have moved around a bit. I will write an updated guide as soon as I can. I’ve been meaning to record a video as well, perhaps this could be my motivation :)

  52. Cathy says

    I am trying to figure out how to PIN things to PINTERST from FACEBOOK. I did get the pin button put on my mini ipad( it is a bit different from a regular i pad) but now I cannot figure out how to use it on Facebook. Can you help me?

    • says

      Hi Cathy, Facebook is set up to deliberately prevent images being pinned from there I’m afraid. Whilst a quick Google will show a few ways to work around this on a PC or Mac, I haven’t seen any information on how to work around it on the iPad. I must confess it’s something I haven’t looked into in any detail because I’ve never felt the need.

  53. Ann says

    I just did this and it worked like a charm…and believe me I am NO PC geek!
    I feel if I can do it any one can. I’ve pinned 3 test pins all with perfection!
    Thanks for the detailed instructions!

  54. Michelle says

    This still works and is exactly what I was working for. Thank you so much for sharing. I have even pinned this in case I need again one day.

  55. Janey says

    After 6 attempts finally got there….trouble was that after an upgrade my iPad is nothing like yours. Some things have moved, most now look different and some things just aren’t there anymore.
    Anyway I can now Pin happily from my iPad so many thanks.

    • says

      Yes, I want to write an updated version of this to match the iOS changes – it’s on the “to do” list! Glad you still managed to get it working anyway :)

  56. SunSpott says

    Thanks very much! Your instructions worked like a charm, and gave me just what I was looking for. :-)

  57. Ozgul says

    That is great:) Thank you very much for your detailed instructions. I’ve done it easliy:) This is the thng that I looking for for the months:)

  58. Angela Vincent says

    Thanks you so much!! Followed the directions successfully and I can now pin on my iPad 2 running iOS 7. x x


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