Meal planning Monday19/03/2012 – a bit all over the place!

I’m still recovering from my lovely Mother’s Day – I’m planning to write about that in another blog post this week. We had a really nice meal out at one of the local pubs with all the extended family, which was great – I flatly refuse to cook or wash up on Mother’s Day :) I count myself as very blessed that so many of my extended family live locally, which makes it much easier for family get-togethers.

The one member of my close family who doesn’t live locally is my father – he actually lives at what feels like the other end of the country to me. We see him every few months though, and he’s coming to stay this week, which is why my meal plan is a bit all over the place…

My father can be challenging to feed. He’s quite a fussy eater, but he one thing he really likes is Indian takeaway, so we always have to have one of those whenever we get together (it’s a hard life!). He’ll be arriving on Tuesday afternoon, with us for the whole of Wednesday, and then heading home again on Thursday morning. I’d been trying to think of somewhere we could go as a family outing on Wednesday. Then yesterday I ended up taking the geekdaughter to her swimming lesson, and she did so well that I decided we should all go swimming together when my Dad is staying. So the plan is to head over to Dimensions in Stoke for some quality water time, and then we’ll grab a meal whilst we’re out. Which gets me out of having to cook again!

So our week stacks up like this:

  • Monday: Chicken en croute (ready made by Charlie Bigham!)
  • Tuesday: Indian takeaway
  • Wednesday: grab something whilst we’re out
  • Thursday: Beef stir fry

Family meals for Friday – Sunday:

  •  Chicken and ham pasta bake
  • Spaghetti bolognese
  • Irish stew (in the slow cooker)

You can find more Meal Planning Monday posts over at At Home with Mrs M – why not head over there and see what other people are eating this week?


  1. says

    It’s amazing me how many people have a slow cooker recipe in their meal plans at least once a week. I’ve just been sent one so am trialling it and am a bit of a convert.

  2. Kejonas101 says

    Slow cooker meals are great if you are planning to be out most of the day, you can come home and serve rather than eating out. You can also use cheaper tougher cuts of meat as by the time you are done they are tender and tasty. You can add a flourish of fresh herbs or nuts at the end to liven up the dish too. I also often take the time to sear the meat to add another level of flavor but you can skip that step in a time crunch.

  3. says

    I am really going to have to get into this linky. I’ve been reading it over at Mediocre Mums and I’m inspired by the slow cooker idea – all sounds yummy and easy, plus I’ve got to get a grip on what I eat soon!

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