At last! Rugs I like!

When I was pregnant with the geekdaughter and we were decorating the nursery, the thing I found the most difficult was finding a nice rug for the floor. Traditional carpet shops near us stocked only a very small selection of rugs, and an even smaller subset of those were child-orientated. Nursery outfitters seemed completely devoid, and the selection on eBay was limited, and it was difficult to judge size, quality and suitability from any Internet supplier. We used a jungle theme for the nursery, and I wanted a rug that fitted in with that as well, which narrowed my choices down even further. Eventually we settled on the rug pictured here, but I’ve never been truly happy with it. Yes, it is supposed to be giraffes and elephants, but they’re not very convincing are they? Couple with the fact that it ruckles up very easily and has never laid flat in the whole time we’ve had it.

Still, it’s been there since before the geekdaughter was born, so that makes it almost five years old. When the geekdaughter moved out into her “big girl bedroom” about two years ago she declined to take the rug with her, preferring to pinch the one out of our bedroom instead! This rug was left for the geekson, who’s still not really old enough to express any opinion of it.

This explains why for the past 5 years I’ve been unable to walk past any carpet shop without a quick check to see if they have any rugs I like. And as always seems to be the way I managed to find the perfect replacement when I least expected it.

I was in our local town on Thursday without the kids, so I took the opportunity for a little stroll around our local market. And suddenly, hanging up on one of the stalls I saw this:

I just knew right away it was right for the geekson! He loves his cars, and is only happy when walking around the house with one in each hand. He has just reached the stage of pretending to drive them over things, and I knew he would love to be able to drive them around his very own road system!

And as I walked towards the market stall to see how much it was, another rug caught my eye:

As the geekdaughter has just started playing hopscotch at every opportunity this one was perfect for her too!

I purchased both, and even managed to talk the chap into giving me a small discount as I didn’t quite have enough cash on me! I put them in the kids bedrooms (and reclaimed my rug back from the geekdaughter’s room at the same time!), and left them to be discovered. I wasn’t disappointed in the reaction they got – both kids dashed from room to room, walking all over each rug, giggling like loons, and showing their delight! Since then they’ve both sat and played on the road layout rug with the geekson’s cars, and the geekdaughter has even started trying to teach her brother to hopscotch on her rug!

I couldn’t believe it that after 5 years of looking I suddenly in one day found two perfect rugs. Now I just need to work out what to do with the old one – does anyone want it?


  1. says

    Oh wow, I love the rugs!!

    We saw some cool ones on the Ikea website but have yet to make a trip there to actually buy one. Isn’t it hard finding just what you want! Glad you found these and the kids loved them so much :)

    • geekmummy says

      Thanks Amanda, I couldn’t believe after not being able to find anything I liked for so long I suddenly found two in the same place! Always the way isn’t it? :)

    • geekmummy says

      The geekson is exactly the same – he’s only happy if he’s got at least two matchbox cars or other small vehicles in his hands! I had pretty much given up actively looking for rugs, but this one leapt out at me as being perfect for him!

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