Meal Planning Monday 28/05/2012 – a week of uncertainty

I’ve reached a bit of a crisis point with my eating this week. The sudden onset of hot weather brought home the reality of my weight gain when I found it a struggle to find any summer clothes I could fit in to. I still want to find a way to lose weight without dieting, but I need to be a bit more dedicated. I need to stick to my meal plans, cut down on my snacking, and control my urges for chocolate and sweet things. I need to work out the most healthy eating choices at my work canteen, and try to avoid giving in to temptation. I’ve been too relaxed about the whole thing, and I’m hoping the desire to fit into my clothes will prove the motivator that I need.

That said, meal planning for this week has been quite tricky, as there are currently a lot of unknown factors…

We’ve got a busy week ahead. Tuesday is the geekdaddy’s “spa day“, and I don;t know how long that will take or what state he’ll be in afterwards. My Mum is coming to look after the kids so that I can drive him to and from the doctor’s, although he is a little freaked out about me sitting and waiting for him. We’ve also got the excitement of the Olympic torch passing through our area on Thursday, and I’m going to keep the geekdaughter off nursery to take her to see it. I’m not sure how easy it will be to get in to and out of our local town, and as the torch is passing through close to lunchtime I’m expecting to end up eating out that day. Then at the weekend I’m taking the geekdaughter in to Manchester to see her first ballet – we’re going to an 11am show, so again will probably stay and grab lunch somewhere near the theatre before heading home.

It’s also the jubilee weekend, and we’re planning to attend some of the local celebrations, which probably includes at least one picnic

So this is what my meal plan looks like for the week so far:

Monday: Beef burgers with salad

Tuesday: Tuna with pasta in cheese sauce (store cupboard special)

Wednesday: Pork medallions in a creamy mushroom sauce

Thursday: Possibly eating out

Friday: Sausages, mash and beans

Saturday: Probably eating out

Sunday: Probably picnic at local Jubilee festivities

I have a couple of meals in the freezer at the moment, so if our plans don’t work out the way I think they will at the moment, I have some options as a contingency plan!

You can find more Meal Planning Monday posts over at At Home with Mrs M – why not head over there and see what other people are eating this week?


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    Have you seen the My Fitness Pal app? I’ve jus started using it after hearing rave reviews from friends. Basically you track everything you eat on it and can even scan in barcodes from bought foods and it tells you their calories etc. I think tracking what you eat makes you more conscious of it, if you know what I mean. You can add friends too and I guess the competition keeps you motivated. Let me know if you join and we can do it together :)
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    The key trick that worked for me was to find snacks that were yummy and tempting yet relatively low in points (or syns in SW speak). My faves are:
    Crumpet and Boursin
    Fab ice lolly
    Small box of raisins (14g)
    Light Alpen bar – double chocolate
    70% dark choc (40g bar, or 20g broken off 100g bar)
    I have these things instead of other snacks (e.g. cake, biscuits, Mars Bar, dorritos). I can’t give up snacks altogether but it is possible to opt for ‘healthier’ options without having to stick to carrot sticks.
    (I’m planning to write a blogpost on this soon!)
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