Where did the last two years go?


30th May 2010

It’s the geekson’s birthday today – he’s two years old! I can’t believe that two years ago today, slap bang on his due date, my little man arrived into the world. Demonstrating from the outset that he was going to be completely different from his sister, my labour and delivery experience was totally different, and much improved second time around. I stayed in hospital for only slightly over 12 hours before the geekdaddy drove us home and we started life as a family of four.

31st May 2010

Thankfully the geekdaughter loved her baby brother from the start. I have always said to people that she’d be much more likely to kill him with kindness than to be nasty to him. In fact, one day when he was very little I left him asleep in the moses basket for a few minutes, and when I came back into the room she had piled every single muslin square we owned on top of him! “I didn’t want him to get cold Mummy!”. I’ve watched over the last two years as an amazing sibling relationship has formed and grown. The geekdaughter loves looking after her little brother (even if she still hasn’t learnt that if he cries when she does something that means he didn’t like what she did and she should stop doing it!), and he absolutely worships her. Now his words are coming on he can say her name, and when he’s looking for her he dashes around the house calling out for her – it is just the cutest thing!

26th May 2010

The kids are even starting to play together as well now. They love being outside on our trampoline together, sometimes with the geekson struggling to stand up whilst the geekdaughter bounces all around him, and sometimes playing with their toys in the gorgeous weather we’ve had recently.

One thing I’m still enjoying is how cuddly the geekson still is. Sometimes if the kids are playing in the garden and I’m inside the house he will just toddle into the kitchen, come and give me a kiss and then toddle off again. He often comes up to me and puts his arms up for a cuddle. And I relish that, because I know the time will come when he won’t want those cuddles from me any more, so I’m going to make the most of them whilst I can get them!

26th May 2010

His communication is getting so much better these days. It’s still his first reaction to cry when something happens that he doesn’t like, but if he is encouraged to use his word he can often articulate what he wants. He was awake for a while after I put him to bed last night, chattering and singing as he often does, but then he suddenly started crying, which he doesn’t often do. I went in to see what was wrong, stroked his cheek and his tummy to soothe him, but then he looked at me and said “foot”. Glancing down I could see he’s unzipped the bottom of his sleeping bag and his foot was sticking out – that was why he’d been crying. I tucked him back in and zipped him up and he was happy again.

We don’t have any grand plans for today. We did the big birthday party and naming ceremony for him last year, this year will be a lot more low-key, simply at home with family and presents.

Happy birthday my little man. I’m not sure where the last two years went, but you’re growing up into a lovely little boy and I love you with all my heart.


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