First Half Term

girl walking and readingLast week was the geekdaughter’s first half term. A whole week off school after her first seven weeks of attendance. She’s been getting on really well at school, and I am really proud of her. We had a little wobble the second week; I think it hit home that she had to do this school thing EVERY DAY, and I had a couple of unpleasant drop-offs where I had to deposit her, screaming, into her teacher’s arms and then leg it. But after that she’s been a little super star, happy at drop-off, happy at home time, and by all reports happy in between as well!

I can see how she’s progressing. She is so keen to learn now – her reading is coming on in leaps and bounds, and she can read very basic books now. Her maths and mental arithmetic are coming on nicely as well (“you’ve said I can have four chocolates Mummy, and I’ve got one already, so please give me another three!”). Her concentration is also improving – we’ve started reading her chapters of a proper story book at bedtime and for the first time she is listening, following the story and keen to hear what happens next. She’s at the same school as her older cousin, and loves seeing him every day in playtimes – thankfully he is not yet old enough that it’s “uncool” to be seen with a younger girl. The geekdaddy and I attended a parents information evening just before half term where the teachers shared some of their teaching methods and explained some of the terminology used so that we could better understand our children when they tell us what they’ve done at school all day. Next week is our first parents’ evening, and we’ll get our first chance to discuss our daughter’s progress with her teacher. We think she’s brilliant (obviously), but it will be good to find out how she’s getting on and what we can do to support her at home.

The effort of the last 7 weeks has taken its toll on her though. The week before last she was definitely ready for a break. She was coming home absolutely exhausted. She even refused to go to her after school swimming lesson because she was “too tired”. She didn’t want to do anything other than sit on the sofa and watch TV when she got home. She started asking to go to bed, and I had to wake her up in the mornings. All the evidence was that she was ready for her first half term.

I took the whole week off work, and I think the break probably did me as much good as it did her. Although I didn’t plan much for the week we had guests staying both weekends, and kept ourselves busy around that, so it perhaps was not as quiet and restful as it could have been. But we had a good time, and I particularly enjoyed getting some quality one-on-one time with my girl on the days that the geekson was in nursery.

Here are some of the things we got up to on our first half term:

We went out for lunch as a family:

daddy and daughter

We played some traditional games:

noughts and crosses

We went on a girlie shopping trip and bought a new pair of boots:

new boots

We played in the autumn leaves:

playing with daddy in the leaves

We did some crafts:

hama beads

Brother and sister played together without fighting (for at least 5 minutes!):

brother and sister playing together

We played in the leaves some more:

buried in leaves

And even more:

kicking leaves

And we went out for lunch again:

drawing in the restaurant

It was a lovely half term week and I think it did both of us the world of good. The geekdaughter was back to school on Monday, I was back at work yesterday. We both definitely feel better for our week off, despite it being busy, and I think it’s recharged our batteries enough to get us through to that festival that begins with “C” in December… :)


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    That picture of Geekdaughter in the leaves with Geekdaddy is adorable, not only because they look like they are sharing an interest in photography but the cute tongue sticking out as you take the picture. She knows how to play the camera! 😉
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    What a lovely post. We did much of the same things during half term (although at year 4, my daughter has had more of them). They DO get tired from all the learning. My daughter generally doesn’t even want to go out to do things locally – she just wants to bum around the house, play with toys, do some crafts or drawing and hang out.

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