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Welcome back to my sporadic feature where I invite a guest to my blog to talk about apps. I ask each guest to imagine themselves completely alone on a desert island, with nothing but a fast WiFi connection and their tablet or smartphone of choice. I tell them they don’t need to worry about being rescued, they are welcome to stay as long as they like and can leave at any time. I ask just one simple question – what apps do you want on your device? How would you occupy your time in this idyllic setting?

This week my guest is the lovely Nickie from Typecast (and an increasing number of other blogs!)…

I first got to know Nickie a couple of years ago when we were both Finalists for the MAD Blog Award for Most Innovative Blog. I was quite intimidated by her, because she was an established blogger and is quite an extrovert, whereas I was the newcomer! I don’t think she’s forgiven me yet for snatching the trophy (and more importantly the prize of an iPad) from her. I have learnt that Nickie has great drive and an ability to make stuff happen – our infamous lip-sync video only happened because of her. Nickie is my “go-to” lady for any Blogger queries, and has recently launched her new Geekalicious site where she shares all sort of useful geeky hints and tips.

Nickie has an Android tablet and smartphone, and I’m delighted to be able to highlight some great Android apps for a change. Here are Nickie’s choices, and her reasons for selecting them:

StumbleUpon – The StumbleUpon app has recently been remodeled and now it’s a simple “swipe” of the tablet to find the next random page from the internet. A great way to discover new website, random videos and weird and wonderful articles.

Elemental – A sudoku based puzzle game using the elements – air, earth, water and fire. I am completely addicted to this puzzle and I’m dreading getting to the end as I’ll either have to delete all my scores and start again or find another puzzle just as addictive.

Jango – A fab little radio station – you choose the type of music you like and this app selects random music in the same genre. You can “build” a radio station and eliminate certain bands/sounds if you’re not that keen on them.

Seesmic – Any of the following twitter apps work as well as each other – Twitter, Tweetdeck, Tweetcaster – but as long as I can have my Twitter fix, I’m happy. I find that Seesmic is the most user-friendly of all the apps for Twitter and crashes the least.

At this point I usually ask my guest to select their one luxury item to take on the desert island, however Nickie is a bit of a rebel at times and has elected to take one more app instead of an item. Well actually three more apps!

Google Maps / Google Street View / Google Sky Maps – I don’t really need any luxury additions to my tablet so I’ll have an extra app please. Maps… be still my beating heart. I love having a nosy around the world – both places I’ve been and places I want to go. Google Maps and Street View is great for this. I’ve included the Sky Map too simply because the sky at night is a bit of a mystery and this app shows the constellations and the position of the planets just by holding your tablet up towards the sky.

Thanks Nickie for sharing your desert island apps. You can find Nickie on Twitter as @nickie72 and I recommend you check out her blog at

Would you like to share your favourite apps with me? I’m always on the look out for new guests, and I’m happy for you to choose apps for any smartphone or tablet. If you’d like to join in, simply complete my form, tell me which four apps and one luxury item you would take to a desert island, and I’ll be delighted to feature your choices in a future post.

As usual this blog post is also available in audio format, and you can listen using the player below. I slightly misjudged the end, and the recording stopped before I stopped talking, but I was just going to direct you to to find all my other audio blog posts.

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