My fortnight in pictures 16/12/2012

When I started posting a selection of pictures from my week a few weeks ago I had intended it to be a regular weekly feature. However I missed last week due to generally drowning under the weight of extra stuff that needs to be done in preparation for Christmas so it’s been a fortnight since I last posted a selection of my favourite pictures. So this week I’m playing catch-up and sharing my favourite photos that I’ve taken in the last two weeks…


  It doesn’t happen very often that both kids sit nicely and quietly, but my Mum managed to hold both their attentions with her rendition of “The Gingerbread Man”. I think this might be the only picture I have so far of my Mum with both her grandchildren…
The geekson has discovered Mr Potato Head recently, and loves playing with him. Apparently he’s also learning the basics of sharing – one ear for you and one for me…
The geekdaughter was named “star of the week” by her teacher, and earned the rather dubious honour of bringing “Froggy” home for the weekend, and keeping a diary of the adventures they had together. We almost lost him in our local coffee shop, but thankfully some kind soul handed him in at the counter and we got him back!
 The War of the Worlds Live Thanks to our wonderful Mums for babysitting, the geekdaddy and I enjoyed a rare evening out last weekend. We went to see the War of the Worlds live tour in Manchester, conducted by the great Jeff Wayne himself. It was quite an experience, and we really enjoyed it. Although we’re not sure Liam Neesan could ever replace Richard Burton.
  The geekdaughter is still getting on really well at school, and particularly enjoys drawing and making things. This is a selection of her latest creations. She is also wearing the hat that was part of her costume for her first school Christmas production – she was a snowflake. She took it all very seriously, knew all her words and movements and I was a very proud Mummy watching her :)
  Both kids had a well overdue hair cut yesterday, and the hairdresser made a beautiful French plait in the geekdaughter’s hair. I had to take a photo there and then because I wasn’t sure how long she’d let it stay in!
  We got the Christmas decorations out yesterday, and the geekson took it upon himself to put the baubles on the tree. Of course, in true toddler fashion this meant that they were all bunched up together on the bottom couple of layers of the tree. I can’t complain though – its lovely that he’s old enough to join in this year.
   And finally a glimpse of some of the new technology we’re going to be testing out over the next couple of weeks. We’ve been lent an HTC Windows Phone 8X and a nook HD, and we’re looking forward to putting them through their paces and letting you know what we think of them.


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