My week in pictures 20/01/2013

It’s been a couple of weeks since I last shared a collection of photos from my week. Mostly because the last couple of Saturdays I’ve sat down in front of my computer to see what pictures I’ve taken over the previous 7 days, and there haven’t been any that I’ve wanted to share. I’ve been taking fewer pictures generally, and when I’ve looked back at the ones I have taken, there was nothing special there. However this week I seem to have struck gold, and there are more pictures than any other week that I want to share with you. Hopefully this makes up a little for the lack of posts recently…

geekson_growing_up (250x250) I snapped this picture of my little boy last weekend. We’d just been to the pub for lunch (hence the barrels in the background) and as we’d come out he’d wanted to sit at one of the wooden tables outside. He looked so proud with himself when he managed to climb up to the seat completely unassisted, and when I look at this picture I realise how much he’s grown up recently – he looks like a proper little boy these days!
geekdaughter_artwork (250x250) The geekdaughter continues to love art and craft. If it involves colouring, writing, cutting or gluing, she loves it. She made this for me last weekend, and was so proud of herself when she presented it to me. I love how she’s captured my hair :)
butternut_squash_bread (250x250) I have made lots of bread this week. I received a lovely Panasonic bread machine for Christmas, so I’ve been putting it through its paces. I must say it’s been performing really well. This particular loaf was butternut squash, walnut and blue cheese bread, and it was extremely nice. Very subtle flavour and lovely consistency – I’ll definitely be making that again!
mister_maker_reply (250x250) The highlight of the geekdaughter’s week was receiving a letter from Mister Maker in the post. This is currently her favourite television programme, and the week before last she sent a letter to Mister Maker. We were really impressed with how quickly the reply came, and it absolutely made her day.
geekson_walks_to_school (250x250) Apologies for the very blurry nature of this photo but we were moving at the time. This picture marks a landmark – the first time the geekson has walked with us on the school run, rather than being in his pushchair. He insisted on walking, and did reasonably well, although I had to carry him half of the way home. I think it was a longer walk than he was expecting, and he did quite happily go in the pushchair the following day, so we’re not getting rid of it just yet!
songbirds_stage_3 (250x250) I’ve talked about how well the geekdaughter is getting on with her reading already. When she went back to school after the Christmas break her teacher moved her up to stage 3, and as we’ve been really enjoying the Songbirds books for stage 1 I ordered a couple more from Amazon. The day these arrived we got a note home to say her teacher had done a reading assessment and moved her up to stage 4! We’ll still make good use of these though I am sure :)
railway_track_in_kitchen (250x250) I’ve been enjoying building train tracks with the geekson this week. This was Thursday’s effort. I rather proudly posted it to Facebook, whereupon my cousin commented on the lack of points present…
second_train_track (250x250) … so the next day we had to correct that!
family_sledging (250x250) Snow fell this week, which both kids were very excited about. in fact we had tears from the geekdaughter after a light fall earlier in the week which didn’t stay around long enough for her to even make a snowball. All was rectified on Friday though with a decent fall. We got the sledge out for the school run, and here is the geekson having his first sledge ride ever.
first_sledge_ride (250x250) Both kids have had a lovely time in the snow and I love this picture of the two of them sledging together.
new_washing_machine (250x250) I’ve been without a washing machine since just after New Year when my old one gave up the ghost. The one we liked in the shop had a longer lead time, but we decided we’d rather wait for the right machine than compromise just to get something quicker. I was very worried that the snow would mean the delivery was delayed but full credit to Curry’s they turned up yesterday morning with my lovely new machine. After having to borrow washing machine time from friends and family over the last fortnight I am so pleased to be able to do my own laundry again (and yes, I’m aware how middle-aged that makes me sound!!)


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    That is such a delightful photograph of the Geekson at the top, and the look on his face on the sledge is fantastic. I’m glad you had someone else comment on the lack of points on your traintrack, I have no walking space in the living room for the amount of different routes ours has!
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