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cheeky girlThe geekdaughter went back to school yesterday. After a wonderful, relaxed break, marred only by the geekdaddy and I being ill over Christmas and not managing to feast quite as much as we might have otherwise, we’re settling back into the normal routine. It really doesn’t feel like she’s only just starting her second term ever of school, she has settled in so well, and it feels like she’s quite the old hand. In fact this morning she bounced into our bedroom saying “Wake up Mummy! It’s time to go to school and I’m really excited!”…

I am so pleased she’s enjoying school and learning at the moment. She’s been working so hard on her reading over the holiday, and has made really good progress. In fact we’ve reached the stage now where she wants to read “proper” stories, rather than the reading books she gets from school, which is a shame, as I bought a whole load of Oxford Reading Tree books just before Christmas for her to work through, and she’s just not interested now. She’s seeing words that she can read everywhere, and I can see her delight as she spots signs when we’re out and about and proudly tells me what they say.

stage four wordsIt’s great that she is enthusiastic about reading. For the last week she hasn’t let us read her a bedtime story as we usually do – she has read to us instead. And in the course of the week she’s gone from reading simple books with a single sentence per page to having a jolly good crack at more complex stories with whole paragraphs on a page. I mentioned this to her teacher yesterday morning, and as a result she’s been given the next level of words to practice and been moved up to the next stage of reading books. She also came home with 5 new books yesterday, as opposed to just one like she was getting before Christmas.

I wanted to share this recording I did of her reading “The Town Mouse and The Country Mouse” at my Mum’s house at the weekend. Apologies for the background noise – the geekson seemed determined to join in as well!

It’s like watching her mind expand, day by day. Long may it continue!


  1. says

    this is fantastic well done to your little girl! Funny but I’ve just had the same debate on Twitter about Roo not showing a massive interest at 4.5 in reading so this is really encouraging.

  2. says

    Flea lost interest in the school-provided books very quickly – she has still invariably read them before we make it out of the school carpark. To encourage her to read them, her teacher gave her challenges and question sheets to go along with them – perhaps you could download those and use them with the books to keep C interested in the ones you bought?
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  3. Hilary says

    Lovely she’s so into it. I loved the sign-reading until we went through one of Sheffield’s, well, less salubrious areas and heard Izzy from the back ‘Why is that shop called Hanky Panky Mummy?’ Ah, well, um, why do you think? Oooh look Caitlin ANOTHER yellow van!

    We found the school books lost their appeal very quickly too. In fact we pretty much gave up on them and just wrote feedback about what she was actually reading in her record book. Luckily teachers not at all bothered *what* they read so long as they are reading something. Also found interested went in peaks and troughs, like much of their learning.

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