Spoiling him in his old age

sleepy Devon Rex catRegular readers will know that I have a cat – a doddery, grumpy old Devon Rex boy named Elliott. I’ve written about my cat-owning journey before, so I won’t bore you with it again, but I did want to post a little update on him, as I haven’t talked about him for a while, and I have recently discovered that even with an elderly cat it is still perfectly possible to make a rod for your own back…

Elliott has always been slightly “different”. When our cats were much younger we mistakenly allowed a very exuberant bearded collie puppy to stay the night with us. I think all three cats were traumatised by the experience, but Elliott was the hardest hit, and that’s when he became difficult to live with. He started doing his “business” in places other than the litter tray. Usually in front of either the back door or the front door. We’ve tried every method under the sun to get him back to the little tray, but nothing’s worked.

Then there’s the noise – he’s always been quite a vocal cat, but it’s been getting worse and worse, and he frequently just wanders around the house yowling. At the end of the day he’s an 18-year-old cat, and it shows.

Since our cats were about 5 years old they’ve eaten a diet comprised entirely of cat biscuit. I used to feed them both biscuit and tinned food, and was happy for them to pick whatever they wanted to eat, but then we moved house and got a new vet who checked their teeth for the first time ever – I was shocked to discover that two of them were going to have to have significant numbers of teeth removed because they were rotten! The vet explained it was a diet comprised mostly of wet food that had done it, and so from that day on they only ever had biscuit. However, now I only have one cat to look after, and with the geekdaddy telling me we’re not getting more, I made a spur-of-the-moment purchase in our local supermarket a few weeks ago and treated him to some pouches of cat food.

“I’ll only give them to him every couple of days” I told myself.

Well, that lasted a week or so, and then the frequency gradually shifted until he was getting them once per day. With his usual cat biscuit on the side as well, of course.

Then last week he started wanting the nice soft food at every meal. I’d put his biscuit down in the evening and he’d ignore it completely to follow me around the house. Meowing  Trying to convince me how hard done be he is, and how hungry. And I thought, you know what, he’s an old cat, why not let him have something nice in his old age?

So now he’s on a pouch at every meal. And that’s how you can still make a rod for your own back, even with an elderly cat!


  1. Veronica says

    My PurrBox was 18 years old and I had to change his food. It took a while to find a cat food he could eat without difficulty. It was worth it, since he deserved the best in his old age. I still miss him, and probably always will.

  2. Sarah says

    I have a female 15 yr old Devon Rex who is also very vocal and will wander the house wailing loudly,she too is very fussy with food but I have stuck my guns and tried to give her mostly dry as better for her teeth,I find she likes nutri cat and seems to be better for her tummy.

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