Center Parcs February challenge – pancakes

ham and cheese pancakeI am one of Center Parcs blogger families for 2013 and this post is written for the Center Parcs February challenge on a theme that is very dear to my heart – pancakes.

The whole geek family are lovers of pancakes. The geekdaddy and I used to cook them at University as a nice easy meal. After we graduated I have very fond memories of visiting the Dutch Pancake House in Manchester (sadly now closed :() for years before the kids were born. We developed our love for savoury pancakes in that restaurant, and it was not unknown for us to order a second savoury pancake instead of a sweet to finish our meal. I still remember my feelings of disappointment on my first trip to America to discover that the pancakes from the IHOP (International House of Pancakes) were not the same. I was apprehensive on my first trip to Center Parcs to try their pancake house – would it compare to my memories of my favourite restaurant? I’m delighted to report that it compared very favourably indeed, making the same Dutch-style pancakes that I love. We will definitely be paying the Pancake House a visit when we stay at Whinfell Forest Center Parcs later this year.

Of course it was pancake day last week, which meant we had to eat pancakes! The geekdaddy is the pancake chef in our house – I have been known to make them in the past, but I much prefer if he does it. As he was away in Iceland on Shrove Tuesday this year we waited until he came home before having our pancake day. We make the pancakes as our whole meal, and have just one rule – everyone has to eat one savoury pancake before they can have a sweet one. Here are the flavours we had this year:

  • ham and cheese
  • chicken, sweetcorn and cheese
  • lemon juice and sugar
  • nutella

They were very yummy indeed!

The geekdaughter has been learning all about pancake day at school, and spent most of the week before Shrove Tuesday singing her pancake song. Here she is in action:

If you’re a blogger you may be interested to know that Center Parcs are looking for another 4 blogger families to join the fold. You can find all the details over on the Tots100 challenge page.

This blog post is also available in enhanced audio form. You can listen in the player below, or if the player is not visible simply click the link to be taken to the audio page:



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