Dad’s gone to Iceland

ready_for_iceland (300x400)I’m currently about half way through a 5 day period of solo parenting. It’s the longest time I’ve been without the geekdaddy since the kids were born, and it’s all because he’s gone to Iceland…

That’s the country, not the high street store!

One of the ways the geekdaddy and I are not very compatible is in our attitudes to travel. He would love to travel more, to experience many different cultures and places, whereas I’m very much a home girl and prefer to stay local, or at least visit places where I speak the language. Thankfully we haven’t got the financial means to provide the opportunity for much travel at the moment, so this incompatibility hasn’t caused us any problems. But it is something I’m aware of, so when he gets the opportunity to travel I try to be very supportive of that.

The geekdaddy does a lot of work as a photography teacher, which he does in partnership with the Welshot photographic academy. So when they asked him if he’d like to help out with a trip to Iceland to hopefully view and photograph the Aurora Borealis he absolutely leapt at the chance, and I of course said I’d stay behind and wrangle the kids. So that’s where he is at the moment – staying in a hotel in Reykjavik, taking day trips around Iceland, seeing waterfalls and geysers, and even swimming in outdoor hot springs. We’ve managed to talk via Skype every day so far, and he seems to be having a whale of a time! Apparently it’s been too cloudy to see any Aurora so far, but everyone’s crossing their fingers that the skies will clear today.

So far things have mostly gone OK – I’ve managed to feed both kids at regular intervals, and get them both into bed at something close to their usual bedtime. I’m very grateful to my Mum for cooking lunch for us all yesterday, and looking after the geekson whilst I took the geekdaughter to a birthday party. There was a slight incident at my Mums house where the geekson tripped over and put his teeth through his lip, but the bleeding’s stopped now and he seems OK, so I am still calling the weekend a success! Things will get a bit more challenging over the next few days as I have to start juggling the school and nursery run with my job; thankfully again the family are coming to my assistance to help.

I am in awe of my single parent friends for whom life is like this permanently. By the time Wednesday rolls around I will be ready for a lie down, and some reciprocal time off!

What’s more I’m such a softie that I’ve agreed to do it all over again next month when the geekdaddy heads off to Holland for a weekend with his favourite band – the clue’s in the photo…

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    We went there in November 2000 & loved it! It was too cloudy then too but really beautiful nonetheless: a fantastic holiday, my 2nd-favourite.

    I am in awe of single parents too, it must be tough. Hope all goes well :)
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