Half Term fun at Tatton Park

beautiful girlIt’s the geekdaughter’s half term holiday this week, and boy was she ready for it. So was I! I had hoped to take the whole week off work, but things were busy, so I compromised and just took one of my three days off. The geekdaddy looked after the kids Monday and Tuesday, and I took over on Wednesday for the rest of the week. On Wednesday the geekson was in nursery as usual, so it was just the geekdaughter and me. After searching for a while to find somewhere to take her my Mum came up with the great idea of an outing to Tatton Park, so we picked her up on the way and had a three generations girlie day out…

in the pig barnWhen we got to Tatton Park we headed straight for the farm, which I’d not been to before. Plenty of animals to see, plus farm equipment and a lovely cottage furnished as it would have been in the 1930s. The geekdaughter decided she wanted to see pigs, so I was pleased that there were quite a few at the farm, including six one-month-old piglets cuddled up with their Mum. There was a scarecrow event being held for half term, with several scarecrows dotted throughout the farm and a little quiz that you could collect at the entrance and complete on your way around. The geekdaughter is still a little young for that kind of thing, but she did enjoy spotting the scarecrows.

We also fed the gorgeous Angora goats:

Goat feeding collage

Riding a tractorThe geekdaughter’s reading is now good enough that she could read the signs that said “Play Barn” and of course she wanted to check it out! The play barn is very much in keeping with the rest of the farm, and is basically a large barn with little ride-on tractors inside. I managed to have a little sit down whilst the geekdaughter played for a while, but it was a bitterly cold day so I didn’t want to hang around for too long.

There was plenty to do at the farm to keep us busy for a couple of hours, and when we’d had enough we caught the road train back to the car park and then took the short stroll to the courtyard where the restaurant and shop are located. We had a nice lunch, a quick look around the shop then the geekdaughter had a couple of rides on the traditional fairground rides that were set up in the courtyard before we headed home.

Land trainHeading home was slightly delayed as we got half way back to the car when she decided she needed the toilet, so we had to traipse back for that, then on the way back to the car she tripped over and grazed her hand, so we had to go back to the toilets to wash that before heading off again!

It was a really fun day out, and is definitely a place we must go back to. Whilst we were there we saw leaflets announcing a special Beatrix Potter event for Easter Bank Holiday weekend which sounded interesting, so maybe we’ll try to get the whole family there for that.

Catherine with carved pig

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