Her first story

Writing her first storyThe geekdaughter wrote her first story yesterday. She’s been attempting to write jokes recently in a little notebook, although she still hasn’t really got the hang of humour – “What do you call a car with no wheels? A foot car!” is her latest attempt. No, I don’t get it either, though for some reason it still makes me laugh every time she tells it. I know, I know, I’m probably encouraging her…

Anyway my Mum, the ex-primary-school-teacher, came over yesterday and I got the geekdaughter to show her this notebook, doing my “proud mother” thing. She seemed a little nonplussed. “You were writing stories at this age” she proudly told me, before suggesting to the geekdaughter that she try to write a story. The geekdaughter seemed to like the idea, so my Mum started her off by writing “Once upon a time there…” and then the geekdaughter took over. And the story just flew out as fast as she could write the words down. Her spelling is not good at the moment, and she wrote each word on a separate line, but she’s only five, and I think it’s far more impressive that she wrote a whole story! Here it is (with a translation at the end in case you can’t make out what she’s saying):

her first story page 1

her first story page 2

her first story page 3her first story page 4

Her story reads: Once upon a time there was a big robot and he had a rocket and he flew to space and he accidentally met an alien he was a bit frightened first but after that he was OK after that he was OK and they lived happily ever after.

As you can see my Mum was very impressed and has given her a star for a very good story. Me? I’m doing my proud mother thing by sharing it here :)

This blog post is also available in enhanced audio format – you can listen in the player below, or, if it’s not available, click on this link to listen on the Audioboo website.



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