Center Parcs March Challenge – Chocolate!

girl with chocolate on her noseThis month the members of the Tots100 Center Parcs Blogger family have been asked to turn our hands to all things sweet, particularly chocolate, by getting creative in the kitchen and sharing our best recipes on our blogs. Now I must confess that whilst we in the geek family are partial to a bit of chocolate, we’re not what I would could creative in the kitchen! Not to be deterred though we accepted the challenge and recently spent the afternoon making our own chocolate creations…

For Christmas one of the presents the geekdaddy and I bought for the geekdaughter was a chocolate lolly making kit. It was more his idea than mine – I think I may have rolled my eyes at him in the shop when he picked it up. But it’s actually been one of her more-well-used presents, so maybe he’s not such a bad present chooser after all! It’s simple enough for even us to get on with it. There’s a little melting tray which you fill with hot water, then place chunks of chocolate in to melt. Once the chocolate has melted you spoon it into the molds provided and stick it in the fridge to set. Once set, you remove the lollies and eat!

Simple enough for even us to manage, I think you’ll agree. Here’s how we got on:

Catherine Chocolate Lollies-1000-clean-01

melting the chocolate

Catherine Chocolate Lollies-1000-clean-03

spooning into the molds

Catherine Chocolate Lollies-1000-clean-02

filling the molds

Catherine Chocolate Lollies-1000-clean-04

the best bit – licking the bowl out at the end!

Unfortunately I can’t share the pictures of the finished items, as they didn’t stay around for long after they were ready! So there you go – even a non-creative family (at least in the kitchen department) can still find fun stuff to do with chocolate :)

The Center Parcs team are still looking for bloggers to join their family – if you join in this month’s challenge you could win yourself a spot. All details are available on the Tots100 website, but you’ll need to be quick as it closes on 29th March.

Photo credit: All the photos in this post were taken by the geekdaddy (which is why they’re so much better than my usual attempts!)

This blog post is also available in enhanced audio format – you can listen in the player below, or, if it’s not available, click on this link to listen on the Audioboo website.

Disclosure: I am a member of the Center Parcs family blogger club, and over the course of the year will be sharing our attempts to join in with the monthly challenges being set. I will be receiving a complimentary short break at a Center Parcs resort later this year.


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