A couple of thank yous, and a plea

The MAD Blog AwardsI must confess I’ve been having a little bit of a blogging wobble recently. I’ve found myself sitting in front of my PC in the evenings trying to write, with no words coming. I recently wrote a guest post for the BritMums blog all about how to handle blogging burnout, so I’ve had to take some of my own advice for a change!

And following my own advice I thought about why I blog. Why I started this blog, almost two years ago now, and why I continue to write it. And I reminded myself that I blog for two reasons. Firstly to share stories about our family with other family members and friends who are spread worldwide and who we don’t see often enough, and secondly to share some of my geeky love of tech and gadgets with anyone who’ll listen.

I’ve discovered that I write best when I simply sit down and write what’s in my head. If I try to force myself to write about a specific topic that’s what the words don’t flow. So my regular readers might have noticed I’m already putting this into practice by writing more about the simple things that are happening in our family. I’ve stopped doing the more formulaic Silent Sunday and Meal Planning Monday posts, and I’m just writing what I feel when I feel like it. This is certainly working better for me, and I hope it’s resulting in better reading for you.

I’ve also recently started recording audio versions of each blog post, and I really enjoy doing that. If you enjoy listening to me please check out Parental Geekery – the weekly(ish) podcast that the geekdaddy and I produce together.

I’ve called this post “a couple of thank yous and a plea”, and my first thank you is to thank each and every one of you for reading my posts. For sticking by me as I change my style, try new things, stick with what works and drop what doesn’t work. Thank you very much, I really appreciate it.

My second thank you goes out to all who supported me in the recent Circle of Moms top 25 Tech Mom Blogs competition. I tried very hard not to hassle you all too much to vote for me, as I think I may have overdone that a bit last year with the various different things I was asking for votes in. I was delighted to finish in 14th position, up from 18th last year – this is a tough list to crack into as it is primarily US blogs that do well, so I’m pleased to be a little UK voice in the middle :)

My next thank you goes out to all who nominated me recently in the MAD Blog Awards. I consider there the most prestigious UK parent blogging awards, and I’m absolutely delighted that for the third year running I’m in the shortlist for “Most Innovative Blog”. Thanks to you guys and your votes I won this category in 2011, and enjoyed being a Finalist again last year, although the crown was taken from me by the ever-so-deserving Science Sparks. It’s not easy to keep innovating year after year, so knowing that enough of you still think of me in this category for me to be shortlisted for a third year is just amazing. Thank you.

So that’s where the plea comes in. This will be the third year I’ve been shortlisted. I’ve won once, and I’ve lost once. I’d love to win again this year, but I can only do that with your help. So please would you vote for me again?  Anyone from anywhere can vote, and I’m grateful for every single one.

MAD Blog Awards

And if for any reason you don’t want to vote for me, please check out my competition the other lovely bloggers nominated in my category and consider voting for one of them instead: Daddacool, Mammasaurus, Science Sparks and Vevivos.

Thank you for reading. Thank you for voting. Thank you for your support. It’s what keeps me doing this :)

This blog post is also available in enhanced audio format – you can listen in the player below, or, if it’s not available, click on this link to listen on the Audioboo website.


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    Hello lovely and massive congratulations on both the Circle of Moms and the MADS finalist, very exciting times.
    I shall definitely be voting straight after my comment – before I forget!

    Keep plodding on, is my advice, you’ll find your direction, it will come so persevere the dull moments and the sun will shine again.
    Have seen your email and hoping find time to reply today but don’t hold your breath xx
    Mari recently posted..The week that was 365/10My Profile

  2. says

    I’m so pleased to see you in the finals, you really deserve to be there. Like you I actually ditched the Meal Planning Monday (as I was creating adventurous meals just for the flipping black board) and only do Silent Sunday when I’ve got an arty shot I want to share! I rarely do The Gallery nowadays either. My blog has evolved and I am happy with the way it’s going, less formulaic and more natural.
    TheBoyandMe recently posted..Pipecleaner Space HatMy Profile

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