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Matilda MaeThe parent blogging community is completely amazing. We can fight like cat and dog at times, but at the times when it really matters we all pull together. Today is one of those days. Today I want to tell you about Jennie, a lady I have only met in person a couple of times, but a lady I still call a friend. I interact with her online. I read her blog. Today Jennie is doing something no parent should ever have to do. She is attending her daughter’s funeral. Her daughter. Her 9 month old daughter.

Matilda Mae was a smiling, happy, beautiful 9 month old. One Saturday night, just over a month ago, she went to sleep in the evening, and she never woke up.

I cannot begin to imagine how that feels.

I have watched as Jennie has poured out her grief. First on Twitter, then on her blog. I am glad she feels able to share her feelings. I hope it is providing her some comfort to be able to do that. I love many miles away from Jennie. I can’t give her a hug in person. I can’t attend her daughter’s funeral to show my support for her. All I can do is be here, to listen, to read, to tell her I’m here and I’m thinking of her. I know there are many other bloggers doing exactly the same.

Jennie has had to explain to her two and a half year old twins where their baby sister has gone. She has told them that Matilda Mae has gone to be a star in the sky. So today Twitter and Facebook are lit up with hundreds of stars as Jennie’s online friends change their social media profile pictures for the day to provide a very visual confirmation of our support and love for Jennie. Today a community of bloggers is doing what it can to support one of our own in her darkest days. I hope we provide some comfort to Jennie.

Matilda Mae star #matildamae


Goodnight Matilda Mae. Sleep well. Shine brightly.

Star image by Cara of SnoozeShade

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