The twit in the bedroom

geekson smilingThe geekdaddy is not naturally a morning person, so the days I’m not working he likes to have a lie-in and get up slowly, listening to his favourite podcasts whilst he enjoys some rare kid-free time. His favourite podcast is This Week in Tech, which is commonly abbreviated to TWiT. This morning the geekson and I were hanging my washing out (and yes (shameless plug), I’m still using my Brabantia Wallfix!), and we could hear talking coming from our bedroom window, prompting the following conversation:

Geekson: what’s that noise?

Me: I think that’s Daddy waking up.

Geekson: is that Daddy waking up?

Me: yes, I can definitely hear the dulcet tones of TWiT coming from the bedroom

Geekson: is there a twit in the bedroom?


So there you go. We officially have a twit in the bedroom. The geekson said it several times afterwards as well, so I have a sneaking suspicion this one might have stuck!

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    Whoops! We are both realising we cannot call one another by our real names as Petit Boy then spends the whole day calling us them instead of mummy/daddy. He also heard me say under my breath “oh for god sake” which took months to stop him saying!
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    Oh poor Daddy – you’ll prob still be saying it when the children are grown old – we have a few family sayings like that! xx

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