Summer 2013 Part 2 – Birthday and Anniversary

Summer 2013 Anniversary CrystalAfter telling you about all the significant “firsts” we managed, today I’m bringing you part 2 in my series of posts about what we did during the summer holiday by talking about a couple of celebrations that happened over the six weeks the geekdaughter was off school. At the start of the holiday was my birthday, and then towards the end of the holiday the geekdaddy and I celebrated a significant wedding anniversary…

This year, for the second year in a row, I managed to arrange for us to be away from home on holiday for my birthday. Please, someone, remind me to not do that again, because it’s a bit of a rubbish way to spend your birthday. Inevitably any presents that arrived in advance get left at home because they won’t fit in the car or the suitcase. Then I’m so busy stressing about what we’re going to pack, and organising the logistics that I forget to drop the subtle hints to the geekdaddy that it would be nice if he got the kids to make a card or something. This year I felt a bit rotten because we were having such a fun time on holiday that the geekdaddy and the kids all forgot to wish me a happy birthday on the day. Thankfully the day was salvaged by two things. Firstly my social media timelines were full of people wishing me a happy birthday, and secondly the friends we were staying with in the South of France found out it was my birthday and procured this from the local patisserie:

Summer 2013 birthday cake

Possibly the best birthday cake I’ve ever had!

So the birthday was salvaged, but next year I’m definitely staying at home for it!

Then a couple of weeks ago it was our 15th wedding anniversary. The geekdaddy and I are not usually great celebrators of our wedding anniversary (in fact it’s happened on more than one occasion that we only realised it was our wedding anniversary when we received the first card from a relative!). However this year we had a bit of advance notice, as my father, who’d arranged to stay with us that day, asked if we could get a babysitter so he could take us out for a celebratory meal. Realising it was actually going to be a milestone anniversary this year, I got as far as researching what the theme for 15 years was (crystal) and telling the geekdaddy. I then completely failed to think of anything appropriate to buy him (although one of my friends on Twitter did suggest a Liquid Crystal Display of some kind!). He, however, almost redeemed himself from the birthday failings by presenting me with this beautiful little gold and crystal butterfly on the day:

Summer 2013 Anniversary Crystal

Thankfully we don’t hold grudges in this family if one person remembers to get a card or gift and the other doesn’t; more we see it as a victory for the one who remembered. So I got to be happy with my gift and the geekdaddy got to be happy that he’d managed to get me one when I hadn’t got one for him. Win win you see :)

I have more to tell you about the summer, so come back soon to read part 3!


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    Well a very belated Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary!
    The cake looks divine! It’s a shame everyone forgot to wish you a happy birthday straight away but I guess it’s easy to get caught up in the joys of a holiday.
    I’ve been with my boyfriend for nearly 12 years and neither of us can agree (remember..) when our anniversary is though I guess it’s not the same as an actual wedding, I’m sure we’ll be the same with our wedding anniversary too!
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