App Review: Sago Mini Forest Flyer (iOS)

Sago Mini Forest Flyer Title ScreenHave you heard of Sago Sago toys yet? If not, you’re about to! They are a Canadian app developer who specialise in making apps for toddlers and pre-schoolers. Oh, and they were recently bought by Toca Boca (who I may have mentioned here once or twice before…!). My first experience with Sago Sago was when I heard about one of their apps called Forest Flyer. It sounded like something the geekson might enjoy, so I downloaded it and left it on his iPad for him to discover…

Sago Mini Forest Flyer (affiliate link) is a delightful little game. When the app first loads your child is presented with a little bird house – ring the bell and the little robin comes out to play. Your child can “fly” the robin around a forest scene by dragging with their finger. As the bird flies around various parts of the scenery animate – for example there’s a tree trunk with holes in and as robin flies over each hole another little bird peeks out. Every so often then will come across a little glowing spot in the scene, and if they fly the robin over that spot they’ll be rewarded with a cute little animation. The geekson’s favourite is the one where the bird pulls out a mug, drinks from it and then belches loudly! Be warned – when your child finds an animation they like they will probably go back to it over and over again!

Sago Mini Forest Flyer Screenshot

The graphics and animation are lovely. There are no adverts or in-app purchases. When you first install the app there will be a little promotion in one corner for another of Sago Sago’s games, but this can be switched off in the settings. There is also a “for parents” section which you have to follow written instructions to access, and this is where you can find some information about the app, suggestions of things to talk about with your child when they are playing and external links to the company’s web site and social media accounts. You can also suppress display of the “for parents” link within the settings. So all in all this is a totally child friendly app, which will keep your little one entertained with plenty of play potential. It is best suited for toddlers and pre-schoolers, and the App Store categorises it as suitable for ages 5 and below.

Sago Mini Forest Flyer Screenshot

I can see why Toca Boca would have wanted to get involved with Sago Sago. Both companies are producing quality digital toys, both have a similar “open-ended” style. If you like Toca Boca apps, I have a sneaking suspicion you’ll like Sago Mini Forest Flyer  too, although it’s probably best suited for a slightly younger audience than most Toca Boca apps.

Sago Mini Forest FlyerOne more thing. As it’s currently winter, Sago Sago have just released an update to Sago Mini Forest Flyer to cover the forest in snow and make it feel really wintery. I just love that they have taken the time to do that! And even better, as a special holiday gift they have dropped the price to absolutely nothing – yes, you read that right, this app is currently free on the App Store. So if you’ve got a young child, grab yourself a copy (affiliate link) before December 31st which is when the price will go back up (probably to somewhere between 69p and £1.49).

Android users – sorry, this one hasn’t made it to your platform yet.

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