Book Review: The Little Girl Who Lost Her Name from Lostmy.Name

The Little Girl Who Lost Her Name coverI was contacted via Twitter a couple of months ago and asked if I’d like to review a personalised story book. I’m always keen to show that geeks love books as well as gadgets, and so I agreed. I was given a code which allowed me to order two personalised books from the LostMy.Name web site, one for the geekdaughter (The Little Girl Who Lost Her Name) and one for the geekson (The Little Boy Who Lost His Name), at no cost. I hadn’t heard of before, but I liked what I saw on the website. The team describe themselves as follows:

We are three dads (David,Pedro & Asi) and an uncle (Tal), who started this as a DIY project (it beats putting up wonky shelves). Our aim was to take the idea of a personalised book, and do it better than ever before. Course, we hadn’t entirely realised quite how much time and work it would involve – but then, when has a DIY project ever been any different?

I liked the sound of them right away!

The book is slightly different to any other personalised book I’ve ever seen, because it doesn’t simply tell a story with your child’s name in it – your child’s name IS the story. At the start of the story a little girl (or boy) wakes up to discover they have lost their name. They go on an adventure, collecting letters as they go, and at the end realise that the letters they have collected spell their name. Creating your book is extremely easy on the website – you simply enter the child’s name, select whether they are a girl or a boy and then click “preview”. You are then presented with a complete preview of your book which allows you to flick through every page and see exactly what you’ll get if you buy. If you’re happy with the book, you simply press the “buy” button, and continue to the checkout process.

The Little Girl Who Lost Her Name and The Little Boy Who Lost His Name sample inside pages

As each book is custom printed it takes a few days to produce them. The web site states that they will usually deliver within 12 days; mine actually arrived in 9. And these books are beautiful! They are big – A4 landscape sized, and the print quality and illustrations are just gorgeous. The pages are thick too – this is not a book that’s going to easily get torn in little hands. There is a little bit of humour in the story as well, which makes it enjoyable for an adult to read as well as a child. The story is written as a poem, but not in a completely rigid format, so some of the lines don’t scan as well as others. A couple of the rhymes are slightly unusual too – the way I read it “ants” does not rhyme with “plants”, but in my opinion that doesn’t detract from the story at all, and just makes it feel a little “quirky”.

The website says the books are most suitable for 2 to 6 year olds, and both my kids (3.5 and 6) loved them. In fact, the geekdaughter helped me make a little video where she says exactly what she thinks of the book:

The team at have come up with enough different sections for each letter that there is no duplication if you have multiple instances of the same letter in your name (the geekdaughter has 2 “e”s in her name for example, and the geekson 2 “d”s). Each letter is given four pages in the story so even a child with a short name (the geekson’s is 5 letters) gets a reasonable length book.

A personalised book costs £18.99 including free world-wide shipping. For a beautiful, unique book I think that’s a reasonable price, especially given the quality of these books. You can order yours at

Disclosure: I was provided with two complimentary books for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own, and are totally honest.


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