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Parental Geekery logoI don’t really think of myself as a blogger. I think of myself as a podcaster and audio blogger who also writes a blog. It’s a fine distinction, I’ll grant you, but in my heart I feel more comfortable talking about things than writing about them. The geekdaddy and I have been podcasting together since 2007, first of all with Just Relax, It’ll Happen and more recently with Parental Geekery. If you’ve followed me for a while you may already be aware of Parental Geekery, a weekly podcast where the geekdaddy and I share our thoughts on anything that interests us as geeks and parents.

This year we wanted to try something slightly different with the show, and I’m happy to be able to tell you that we are now releasing it on YouTube as well as in its audio podcast format. We’re hoping this makes it available to a wider range of people in an easier format – I know podcasting is a bit of a black art to many people, but YouTube is a lot more accessible.

With our latest show we’ve taken the YouTube thing one step further as well, because we are now live streaming as we record. We’re hoping to be able to build a bit of live audience interaction this way, although we still have a few technical issues to figure out in that department. To get an idea of what we’re doing, here’s our most recent show:

We usually record on a Tuesday night once the kids are in bed. If you’re interested in joining in with our next recording session the best thing to do is to circle us on Google+ and join our Google+ community – we’ll make sure we publicise recording dates and times in those places.

I was delighted to learn earlier this week that I have been shortlisted as a Finalist in this year’s MAD Blog Awards, in the “Most Innovative” category. I like to think that I’ve earned that by constantly trying new things and doing stuff like this. So if you like the stuff I’m doing, please would you head on over to the MAD Blog Awards voting form and vote for Geek Mummy in the Most Innovative category?

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