App Review: Toca Cars

Toca Cars - choice of drivers

I may have mentioned once or twice before that the geek family are huge fans of Toca Boca apps on iOS (and now slowly coming to Android as well). They are one of a small handful of kids app developers who I will happily buy anything they produce. Imagine our excitement when we heard that […]

CBeebies Playtime App Launches (Review)

CBeebies Playtime app - Tree Fu Tom

Yesterday the geekdaughter and I took a little trip to Media City in Manchester to visit the CBeebies offices. We’d had an intriguing invitation to see a “new product”, which we were told was under embargo. I had assumed it would be a new show of some kind, but no, when we got there we […]

My Google Reader replacement is…


It’s now only a few days until Google shut down their RSS feed reader, imaginatively named “Google Reader” for good. If you’ve never heard of this product, then you won’t miss it at all. But if you’re like me and depend on Reader as a way of collating content from all the news sources and […]

Toca Builders Review

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There are very few app developers who I will buy anything they release without hesitation, and the Swedish company Toca Boca are top of my list. If you check out my app recommendations for pre-schoolers you will see I include anything by Toca Boca. Unquestioningly. They have produced a great range of high quality, well […]

Center Parcs May Challenge: Family Picnics

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I’m starting to get excited about our family trip to Center Parcs – we’re off to Whinfell forest next month for the weekend courtesy of the Tots100 Center Parcs family blogger club. I booked all our activities and spa treatments this week and have been sent our final itinerary, so it’s all on paper where […]

Five apps that encourage unplugged play

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Kids love mobile technology don’t they? I don’t think I’ve ever met a child that didn’t want to get their hands on my iPad, and what’s more impressive is that these devices are so intuitive to use that kids get the hang of how to operate them really quickly. And that’s when the conflicts begin […]

Five essential apps for mobile blogging

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In the days before I owned a laptop computer, I used to take my big hefty desktop PC (along with huge CRT monitor) on holiday with me. Then I got a laptop, and marvelled at how much lighter and more portable it was, and how much more car space I had when going on holiday! […]

Review: Sort & Stack and Build & Play Apps


I am always particularly keen to support new and small app development companies, and so when a very polite approach from Prontis Kids dropped in to my mailbox a couple of weeks ago inviting me to check our their two new apps for pre-schoolers I took the promo codes and had a look.