What’s on a Six Year Old’s Wish List?

girl and spot book

Recently the geekdaughter has been getting more adventurous in her use of the Internet. She’s discovered Safari on her iPad and has been Googling madly for things. As her seventh birthday is coming up soon, a lot of what she’s searching for is things she’d like as gifts. So she’s becoming an expert on eBay […]

iPhone 4 personal hotspot versus a MiFi

iPad and iPhone

As I’ve mentioned before, I have an iPad. I love my iPad, and use it all the time. There are several different models of iPad that you can buy, and I have the 32Gb WiFi one. When choosing I decided against the 3G model fairly early on because I didn’t want to pay for another […]

Using the Internet – it’s like learning to drive a car


My attention has been drawn to a BBC Education article which reveals the screen habits of our 5 to 16 year olds, and it makes quite sobering reading. Whilst my friend Cathy at Nurturestore focusses on whether our children are watching too much TV, there was another statistic within the report that worried me much […]