Review: Silverlit Bluetooth Enzo Ferrari

silverlit bluetooth enzo ferrari with iPhone controller

When the folks at giffgaff got in touch to ask me to review an iPhone accessory for their Christmas gift guide, I imagined they would send me a case, or a speaker, or something similar. I certainly didn’t imagine a remote controlled car. It pushes the definition of “accessory” a little, but both the geekdaddy and […]

Review: The iWalk Link 5200i Rechargeable Backup Docking Battery with Lightning Connector

The iWalk Link 5200i charging an iPhone 5

I have been on the lookout for a decent rechargeable backup battery for my iPhone for quite a while. I use the phone a lot, and the battery doesn’t last the day without a top-up at some point. Whilst I can usually find a spare power socket, and keep a power cable in my handbag at […]

Toca Robot Lab – Updated and FREE for a Limited Time!

Toca Robot Lab - Free until 1st October

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you can’t fail to have picked up on how much we love all the Toca Boca apps. I discovered them very soon after we started letting the kids play on our iPads, and there is always much excitement any time there’s a new release. One of […]

App Talk episode 12: FiFA #AudioMo

FiFA 2014 app

listen to ‘App Talk episode 12: FiFA #AudioMo’ on Audioboo App Name: FiFA / FiFA for iPad Developer: FiFA Platform and Price: iOS (seperate versions for iPhone and iPad – requires iOS 6 or later) and Android – Free App overview: As the World Cup kicks off today I thought it was appropriate that today I talk about the official […]

App Talk episode 11: Timehop #AudioMo


listen to ‘App Talk episode 11: Timehop #AudioMo’ on Audioboo App Name: Timehop Developer: Timehop Platform and Price: iOS (iPhone only but will run on iPad in compatibility mode) and Android – Free App overview: Timehop prepares a personalised “this day in history” for you every day by scanning your social media accounts for updates from previous years. It connects […]

App Talk episode 10: Mr. Crab #AudioMo

Mr Crab

listen to ‘App Talk episode 10: Mr. Crab #AudioMo’ on Audioboo App Name: Mr Crab Developer: Illusion Labs Platform and Price: iOS (Universal – requires iOS 7 and above, however I believe earlier versions will run on original iPad) – Free (with in-app purchases) App overview: This is a really fun platform-style arcade game. You control a crab who has […]

App Talk episode 8: keepy: kids, art, photos, love #AudioMo

keepy app logo

listen to ‘App Talk episode 8: keepy: kids, art, photos, love #AudioMo’ on Audioboo App Name: keepy Developer: Keepy Inc Platform and Price: iOS (iPhone app but will run on iPad in compatibility mode – requires iOS v7 and above) / Kindle Fire / Android – Free (with optional monthly subscription) App overview: This app provides a way for parents to save […]

10 Apps for Pre-Schoolers with UK English Voices

10 apps for pre-schoolers with UK english voices

I received an email last week asking me to recommend a few apps for pre-schoolers that used UK English accents, and I thought that would be a great thing to cover in a blog post. It can be hard to pick apps with a UK accent out amongst the large selection of great apps for […]